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Kitty grieving?

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When my Mom died , and because I really couldn't take her, I found a lovely home for Mom's beautiful sealpoint siamese cat , Pib.

The friends who have taken Pib over have given her tender loving care for over a year now and Pib just won't settle down and roams around the house meowing loudly. She was always vocal, but only when "talked to" - and now she does this all the time , even at night, and is driving her new humans mad. They have really given her a lot of time to get used to them and have been very tolerant with this problem and have only (rather sheepishly) approached me for ideas now being at their wit's end and don't know what to do.

I think she is grieving for my Mom still, as am I. Does anyone have any idea how to help her and let these kind people have some rest?
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Has she been to the vet recently? When a cat is stripped away from the person they are bonded with, they react in different ways, if they get stressed, they can become ill, so the first thing I would do is take this cat to the vet for a check-up just to be safe.

If she checks out okay, perhaps they can adopt another cat for her to bond with instead? An older cat because kittens have such a high activity level.
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Thanks Mary Anne -
I just got an email and they took her to a vet who said some siamese behave like this after losing an owner, and they can be given some sort of hormone by injection every couple of months to calm them down. It seems the cat is physically fine and this hormone is something new and can mean a shortened lifespan. I find the idea of giving this cat something that may affect her physically when she is well to be a bit dodgy. What do you think?
I will suggest they get her a companion, although I know initially they wanted only one.
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Well Siamese are very vocal cats, I know I own a lynx point mix and he has bonded with both of us. I know that some people put their cats on behavior meds to mellow them out, the fact that this shot could affect her lifespan would be something I myself would shy away from and either contact an animal behaviorist or get another vet, or put the cat on a Bach flower remedy called Star of Bethlehem or even Honeysuckle to see if that helps her. Poor little girl-
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i think the poor baby just needs more time to adjust to loosing her mommie and companion.and gaining new ones is probably still a little new for her to adapt to right now.when my mother passed away my grandmother ended up with my mother's kitty ming she was a blue point siamese and it took her quite a while to adust living with my grandmam even though she new her.
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