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Cat peed in bed twice

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Hi I need help with my 7 year old Birman. She has peed on our bed twice in the past six months. The first time was after we let our baby sleep in our bed (about 6 months ago). The next morning she came in and peed on the bed right in front of me.

She did it again this morning. This time the dog was sleeping in our room because she has been very sick and my husband left the door open. We have been keeping the cats (we have 4) out of our bedroom lately because of the peeing incident. So this morning in walks Kashi and jumps up and pees on the bed right in front of me.

Someone said that she might have a urinary tract infection. But, I think it is more of a jealousy behavioral thing because it has always occurred when I have had the baby or one of the other animals in our room.

Of the four cats she is what I would consider "my" cat. She wants my attention the most. And it seems like there is always a competition between her and the dog to get my attention. Of all the animals, she was one of the first and she has watched two cats, a dog and a baby join our household in the last 5 years. I think having the baby may have been the last straw for her, because obviously he demands almost all of my attention.

Anyway, any information, suggestions etc that you all have would be most appreciated.
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I know it seems like behavioral, but I really would have it checked just in case. It would be horrible if she did have a urinary tract infection and it went untreated. If they rule that out, then you would start working on the behavior. It may just be that she has to stay out of your room if it continues. Cats can be very jealous and sometimes hard to curb the bad behavior. Check with the vet first and then maybe we will have to focus on the behavior aspect.
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I had that problem with my older male cat, Casey. I had changed his kitty litter from scoopable to all natural, compressed saw dust. HE peed on my bed twice. So I changed the litter back to his old stuff. One night I was in bed reading a book and he jumped in my lap, looked me straight in the face with this "stoned" look on his face and peed in my lap! Off to the vet he went. He did, in fact, have a urinary tract infection. The vet said his urine was loaded with crystals. I would get him to the vet. As Sandie said, if he checks out okay, then you know it's behavioral. Having a new baby can create jealousy. Some of my expectant friends have asked me what to do. I tell them that before the baby is born, let him in the nursery to kind of sniff around. Take a piece of the baby's clothing, get the baby's scent on it and let your cat sniff it. This will let him know that there is a new person with a different scent in the house. When the baby comes home, have your husband carry the baby in while you make a fuss over kitty. Then sit on the floor with the baby in your arms and let the cat approach you. Always pay more attention to kitty.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your responses. I called and spoke with our vet today and she said she suspects that it is a territorial/behavioral thing but that she still thinks we should rule out a UTI just in case. So, on Thursday afternoon she is going to the vet. I will let everyone know what happens.
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Well, the good news is that Kashi does not have a bladder infection. The bad news is that she definitely has a behavior problem going on. So now I need advice on how to deal with her little behavior issue, any suggestions?
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Well, the only advice I have to offer is time and try to pay more attention to her. Let her know the baby didn't take her place. The other thing is either a little garlic in her food,(it is supposed to reduce stress) or you can try the rescue remedy. It is a natural prozac if you will. It sounds like she is just very stressed out. Hopefully you get a few more ideas!!
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Thanks for all the suggestions I read here. My 1 year-old cat Joey peed on a deflated inflatable chair last week. When I removed it, I found him peeing on a bean bag chair. That got tossed out, and I haven't had any inappropriate peeing since (or none that I've found, anyway). One friend told me that cats sometimes like these 2 places for peeing. I called the vet, as well. But the vet asked me to collect a urine specimen. Now, HOW am I supposed to do that? They said to catch him in the box and stick something under him. So far, no luck there. Anyone have any other bright ideas?
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Sounds like your vet is missing a few bolts upstairs. The first thing I would've asked him is if HE's ever tried sticking something under the cat while he's urinating. The best way to collect a urine sample is to bring the cat to the vet and have him extract a sample. I cannot believe your vet told you to get a sample. It's easy for the vet to do it.
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Hey Donna,

Thanks, and I thought it was just me. The vet's office told me that if I didn't have any luck (surprise, surprise), I could bring Joey in. Then they would kennel him on a special litter that doesn't absorb and keep him until they could collect a sample. Does this sound like standard procedure to you?
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Thats what I was going to tell you about. There is special litter that absorbs the urine and doesn't contaminate it. God, I cant beleive they told you to do that!! Maybe you should talk to another vet. Usually they will sell you some and you put it in the litter box at home. Otherwise you are going to get charged an arm and a leg for the stay. With the plasic and bean bag chairs...it may have just been the furniture. If you think about it, the bean bag chair feels like litter. I had a cat who would pee on mine and I had to keep the bean bag chairs out of the house. I am hopeful there is no UTI, but have it checked just on the off chance. Let us know how it goes!!
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Good suggestion, Sandie. I'll try asking them for the "magic" litter. I was concerned about leaving him for however long it tkaes him to relieve himself at the vet. Next problem will be to keep Squirt away from the special. Hmm, all people should have problems like this.
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