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Wednesday Night owl thread

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Well here it is about 26 degrees out but seems so much colder then that. I am stuck at work with a lot to do but a little upset because my Co worker left early for no really good reason. So I have to do the work of 2 people before 6:30am my time which it's now 2:30 and I still have alot to do. Why is it that people come to work do a few little things and then leave saying something like I have homework to do. Yes Homework that was my co workers excuse tonight for leaving early but she told the boss that her son was sick. which is a lie. I don't want to tattle tail on her because when she is here we have a very good work relationship and I would hate to see her go and get in trouble. I am just tired of picking up the slack from the shift before me and then being left by her to do it all on my own. it's just not right! I have been in pain for the past 3 days and living on pain killers just to be sure that I make it to work. My tooth is infected and the infection is slowly moving down my throat but I am still here at work doing my job because I don't like to leave people stranded. I'm also fighting a cold. Man do I sound like a cry baby here. I'm just a little up set right now on top of the fact that I don't feel well. I think I will prolly go home sleep and then wake up and go to the ER since I don't have Dental insurance yet no thanks to my boss...I should have gotten it the same time my Health insurance started but noooo my boss is a procrastonatier.......anyway I am going to go work now...Sorry for starting this thread on a Grmupy note. it's just how I am feeling right now. Hope all of you other nite owls are doing better then me!!
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So sorry to hear you're having a bummer of a night at work. The tooth/throat infection sounds nasty.

I think a quiet word with your co-worker might be approriate - i.e., that you don't want to grass on her, but at the same time you don't want to be left having to do all the work on your own, as it's not really very fair on you.

Cheer up - things will look brighter in a few days time, I'm sure!!!

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