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do I have a Savannah/Bengal hybrid? Savannah in anyway?

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I and wife got a kitten in January in Arizona by a guy and his wife bred exotic animals. He sold him as a Bengal. And also took care of sick ones. They had a zebra/donkey hybrid, liger, exotic horse breeds and lots of exotic animals. It was registered as a sanctuary.

Our kitty is male and born on September 20th of coming up on 9 months. He is 14.6 pounds and really lanky.

He is really quiet, doesn't make much noise. Shows you he is hungry and doesn't tell you. His voice box wasn't removed, that sounds different.

He both chirps and meows (more of a squeek) and he has done a roar like thing before too (only once), and does hiss like a loud snake (which I guess is unique to Savannah). Doesn't sound like a housecat hiss at all.

And he loves to bite, me and walls and everything. But its more playful. Doesn't bite wife and a lot more careful with her. Very loving kitty, follows us around everywhere. Squeeks if we leave. He jumps really high and can stand and jump on top of the shower door (the thin metal part) and climb on the showerhead.

He loves shiny things too, can't resist them. Its cute.

His tail stands up always and is always moving. Doesn't stop at all, even in his sleep.

He is very smart and opens everything (even the round door metal knobs...very flexible) and teaches himself a lot.

A friend of ours said he was more the size of a Maine coon than a Bengal, hence our posting.

Here are pics

Thanks for any info. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by morecoffee View Post
. His voice box wasn't removed, that sounds different.

I know too little about Savannahs to tell anything. He doesnt looks as a bengal.  Although there are some classical tabby bengals.

As said, he is a classical tabby.   I think he is a very gorgious boy by itself in his own right, and  seems to be a very nice, intriquing chap.  One of a thousand, even tenthousand...   If he likes to show off himself, you could make a carrier at Cat Shows.  Almost every Cat Show has a Household Pet class.



But what it is you mean by this removing of the voice box?   Are you telling there  happens they by surgery take away their  voices??   A sort of alike declawing?



Good luck!

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I mean he squeeks, is very quiet, chirps and did a little roar once. But even though he is quiet he still has his voice. Sometimes people think it was removed but that is really cruel.
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Wow what a beautiful boy heartpump.gif

I don't see any Savannah in his looks at all. But I do see Bengal in his face and head shape biggrin.gif
You can get bengals with a classic tabby pattern ( called a bullseye pattern in bengals )

I have a friend who breeds bengals and I've heard her cats chirp and squeak, so bengals make these sounds too. Although they are known for being a very vocal breed not every bengal will be. There's always the exceptions to the normal for a breed - the same goes for size. There is an average weight and size for bengals buts that's only an average. I'm sure tiny small bengals crop up occasionally in litters and the same for bigger larger ones. wink.gif
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It doesn't matter what he is to us. It is just nice to know is all. smile.gif

He is starting to get a very thick, bushier tail. If that helps at all.

My family friend had a few ideas. Any correct?

1. Mixed with Maine coon since she said he is size of one.

But she said he acts too wild and had other ideas.

2. Bred illegally with a bobcat or other wild cat, because sanctuary had ton of extremely rare animal hybrids illegal to breed and have.

3. Is a jungle cat or a hybrid of one.

Or another wild acting large cat hybrid. She has a friend that is a cat expert for tica and also goes to cat shows. But she is gone always, so unable to help. Just comment on pictures and behavior.

Any comments on those 3 the tica member suggested to family friend?
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