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my cat is going crazy - help!

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Hi everyone. Let me first introduce my cat.

His name is Ingemar and his is a 4-year-old Devon Rex. He's the best cat I've ever had and I love him to death. You can have a look at him at this address:


That's the only picture of him I have online at the moment. He looks kind of creepy on it, but he's actually very friendly.

Alright, on to the problem.

He has always been very curious about water. I am told this is common among this breed of cats. Wherever there is running water - bathtub, shower, kitchen or bathroom sink - he has to check it out. He also insists on drinking from the tap instead of in his bowl, even though I keep the bowl next to his food with fresh water in it at all times. Every once in a while, I notice him taking a few drinks from it, but it's obvious that he prefers to drink from the running tap in the bathroom. As soon as he sees me head in the direction of the bathroom, he runs in it and jumps to the sink, waiting for me to open the tap. He even tries to turn the tap himself with his paw, but of course he can't manage that.

Recently, my roommate suggested that we should make an effort to get him to drink from his bowl. She doesn't like that he leaves paw marks all over the bathroom sink all the time and she says I've been spoiling him. So I've started to restrict his tap-drinking privileges. When I see him jump to the bathroom sink, I take him to his water bowl, bring it to his attention, and he usually drinks from it.

However, I have a feeling he doesn't get enough to drink. It's like he is always thirsty and he doesn't realize that his waterbowl is always there for him if he needs it! Instead, he has become obsessed with water. He's constantly running to the bathroom and meowing to get our attention so we will give him some water. Sometimes, even though I bring him to his bowl, he doesn't want to drink from it and returns to the bathroom sink.

Worse, we can't leave glasses unattended anywhere in the house for more than a few minutes. He tries to drink from them, which usually results in him tipping the glass over, spilling the content all over the table (or desk, or whatever). Two out of three times, the glass then rolls off the table, falls on the floor and breaks into pieces. He's broken three glasses since the beginning of this week.

This has to stop! I don't know what to do. We try not to leave glasses anywhere, but we often forget. I'm not sure how to discipline my cat. I can't use a water bottle, as many people suggest - he would only enjoy it!! I usually just yell at him and sometimes tap him lightly on the head. I don't want to traumatize him or break the bond that we have. But I don't want him to keep breaking glasses.

Please help. Any suggestion on how to handle this situation would be greatly appreciated.

(Sorry for writing such a long question! And congratulations to those who managed to read the whole thing without falling asleep.)
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My cat Frantic does the same thing. He and I have "special times" twice a day at the bathroom sink. First I give him alot of loving, then I turn the faucet on to a drip so he can drink. He loves this time together.

However, cats love fresh water. All animals will choose fresh running water over bowls of water. Go to your pet supply house and pick up a pet fountain. I have a Freshflow by Petmate. There are several other good brands available.

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It really is common for cats to go to running water. Drinkwell has a good fountain, or if you want to get elaborate and artsy stroller fountain has some beautiful designs. Go to plastic mugs that are covered, so if he tips them over they don't spill much. But I would really urge you to invest in a fountain, you want your cat to drink it is important.
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Thank you for your advice. I decided to let my cat drink from the tap if he wants to. It's not that big of a deal. I'm not really interested in buying a fountain, though, because they are expensive and take up a lot of space. They also make noise.

I just hope my cat won't continue tiping glasses over in order to drink from them. He never did that before and I'm not really sure where this new hobby of his is coming from.

If anyone else has suggestions for ways to discipline him without hurting or traumatizing him, they would be most welcome.

Thanks again.
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My cat loves to drink from glasses. I pick up a glass and he's all over me trying to see what is it in. If it isn't water he'll walk away, if its water I better share or watch out!!

A friend of mine has given up on having a water bowl out for her cat. She puts the food out and leaves a plastic cup for the cat to drink from.

I like the fountain. I would like to get that for Emmett as a Christmas present....or maybe his "grandparents" will get something for their fur grandson.
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Regarding the behavior, I've noticed that with our cats, they become more and more obsessed as you deny them.

Our kitten and adult cat each insist on eating from each other's bowls, but they're on different food. So we feed them separately and then put the bowls out of reach. Unfortunately, that makes them more obsessed with eating and getting to the other bowl before it gets put away.

The adult cat would also do this by himself. He always wants food available - regardless of whether or not he's hungry. The more we take it away, the more he yowls (trust me, he topped 15lbs at one point - he's not hungry).

I'm not sure this helps your situation, but I understand the obsessive behavior.

Incidentally, our kitten is also obsessed with water - but not for drinking, just for playing.
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I don't know if that helps or not . But you can place a plastic cup in the sink and turn the fauced on to only trops a little in to the cup . That keeps him bussy and he will have fresh water . If he spills it wont hurt anything and he cant breack nothing and cant get hurt by it .
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Originally posted by yan
I'm not really interested in buying a fountain, though, because they are expensive and take up a lot of space. They also make noise.
We have a large deluxe Petmate Freshflow that costed $25, so it wasn't very expensive, and all our cats just love it, for drinking and playing. It makes no noise at all, in the middle of the night when I happen to pass by, I don't notice it running.

I posted a pic of mine in this thread Drinking fountains.
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