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The Matrix Revolutions

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Just saw it this evening, the S/O was VERY disapointed. I didn't have high expectations but I had hoped it would be better than it was.
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Thanks for the head's up! After the last one, I wasn't sure I wanted to sit through yet another sequel.
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I cant wait to see it
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I liked the last one a lot, in fact it was probably my favorite out of the 3. This one just wasn't able to live up to the last one, IMO
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I loved the first one, waited for the 2nd one
to start getting good when I watched it,
now I think I'll wait to watch this one
when it comes out on DVD.

Thanks for letting us know.
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Oh no , I cant wait to see it till it come out on dvd . To long of a waiting time . I need to know the end and yes my son wants to see it too .
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Even after hearing the reviews (which I think Earl lives and dies by when it comes to movies) he still wants to see it. We'll probably go to the Friday matinee.

But thanks for the warning.
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Maybe I should leave the decision to
my DH whether we wait to see it or not,
he is the major Matrix fan.
Since this is the last one
in the series he will probably
want to see it in the theater whether it's
good or bad.
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I hope that I'm wrong and you all love it!

I wanted to like it, I just thought it was a let down after the last one was so strong.

I've certainly loved movies others have hated and vice versa, so I'm really looking forward to hearing other opinions.
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I too was disappointed. It wasn't bad, just...not great. Neither #2 or #3 have lived up to the original Matrix.
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I haven't seen it yet... I have to find out when we're going. I'm hoping to like it, because I did like the first two.
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I enjoyed it very much. I never listen to reviews anyway.
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I loved the first one. Didn't mind the second one. This one left a lot of unanswered questions for me. I'm one of those people who wonder "what now?"

I was disapointed in the ending, but the effects were awesome as always. Its a good watch, just don't expect anything great.
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Hubby and I were going to go see it this weekend, but maybe we'll skip it and wait for the DVD. I LOVED the first Matrix, I own the DVD and have watched it dozens of times. I was disappointed by the second one, though. I really hated that they took Trinity's character and turned her into a wuss for the most part- she was awesome in the first movie. I didn't much like the turn the second movie took from the first, so I'm probably not going to like the last one either

I'm so disappointed because they could have done so many cool things with the story, and apparently have fallen short
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Originally posted by Creepyowl
I was disapointed in the ending, but the effects were awesome as always. Its a good watch, just don't expect anything great.

this is pretty much how I felt. thought the ending wasn't as good as it could or should have been. you sit through this huge build up, 3 movies long and that is what they give you? It's like the W brothers ran out of steam. just wanted to tie it all up so they could move on.
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I pretty much hated the 2nd one, so I was not in a big hurry to see #3. Now, I am convinced that I won't go. After enough people have seen it, perhaps one of you would be good enough to post the synopsis here?
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I heard that the reviews are awful for the last one...this sucks!!!! I thought the part 2 was okay, a lot of stuff could have been left out, like the beginning to the middle part, the movie should have started where he fought the guy who was to take him to the oracle after he 'tested' him...all that dancing crap and 'moses' speech by Lawrence Fishburn could have been left out...and yes, they made my girl trinity weak....especially the 'kiss' scene with persephone. :censor::censor::censor:?! I mean, that didn't even need to be a scene or even in the script...and she died too easily from the bullet wound...come on....anyway...I'm not the writer or director so what do I know
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We went and saw it last night and liked it. The special effects were cool. I was disappointed w/ Trinity's character though (wont ruin it for those who have not seen it).
I don't really go by what critics say anyways, or what others think of it.
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so there is still hope for me to like the movie
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I saw it last night, sold out theater and I loved it!!!! The special effects were, as always, spectacular. The first one is still my favorite though. The story line went where it should have gone and if you all remember the first one, it was a sappy ending with Trinity and Neo falling in love, it's what the oracle predicted all along, so of course the love would continue. That's what they all were fighting for in the first place, peace and love. I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone, so I'll just say the war scenes are amazing. See it in the theater for the full effect. Trinity still is was tough in this one, she did what she had to do for Neo.
Now what I really can't wait to see is the last Lord of the Rings!!!
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awwww , now I need to see it for sure .

Yes I cant wait for the last Lord of the Rings too
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We just got back from seeing it and well, it wasn't what I thought it'd be, and this is coming from an avid Matrix fan. Like the others said, I won't spoil it for anyone, but I sure wish now that I would've waited for it to come out on DVD. I did like the fight scenes though they were (as usual) awsome! I know that I will be buying all three of them when I get the chance.
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I already bought the first two dvd's and sure will buy the last one . But I also have to say the more often I see the 2nd one the more I understand the movie ..... maybe I am just slow
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***some spoilers***

I liked it. I thought that it was interesting to see how the story changed, going from the focus of Neo, to the focus of Zion. It rounded out the three movies as a whole IMO. I was disappointed at the backseat that Morpheus took, from being a powerful, knowing captain, to a co-pilot that just sat at the sidelines like everyone else. I didnt think Trinity became that weak, she was about the same as the second one.

I didnt think it would end the way it did. But, it makes sense. They kind of left it open in a way, for us to walk out of the theater and think about on the way home.
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My son and I just come home watching the movie . Well I like it a lot and was kind of easy to understand for me . Almost to easy . It was great to watch the special efects . They did a good job on that . But I did not like the ending , it was a funny ending . Hmmm to give us something to think ? I don't know , but if , then there should be one more movie to finalise it IMO .
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I liked the fight scenes and the special effects too. I hated the plot ending. The first Matrix was cool because the plot was so unusual but this one was kinda like any other special effects movie with a "dumb" ending. I was disappointed
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The ending really suck , but the rest was great . I still going to buy the dvd .
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Taken in sections, the ending/Revolutions was not as powerful/mindblowing as the beginning/Matrix but still as good as the middle/Reloaded.

It'll be very interesting to see all 3 movies back-to-back, whether in a theatre (IMAX! ) or on DVD.
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****some spoilers****
I thought the fight scenes were awesome, as usual. The ending made me really mad, though. I won't say what happened, but I really wanted something OTHER than that to happen! Grrrr!!! C'mon movie-making people, is there no such thing as a happy ending anymore???? Sorry, had to vent.

It WAS a good movie; the ending was the only bad part, IMO.
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Will somebody post a synopsis of the plot? I refuse to go see this, but I am curious as to how it all ended.
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