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eye color

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Last year I got a himalayan cat at the pound. I'm not quite sure about her age, but judging by her teeth she is fairly young. Like all himalayans she used to have bright blue eyes, but yesterday i looked at them and they arenow bright green!!They changed color over night. I'm not talking about a light blueish green, they are bright spring green. Whats the deal with this? Is it a sign of a potential health problem? is it her diet? Or is just an age thing? Please give me some answers because i have never heard of this happening before. thank you.
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I've never heard of that either! I can't wait to hear some replies.
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Hi, could she passably be young enough that the blue was her baby eye color and has just now changed to her adult eye color? Just an idea.
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Interesting. It is true that many cat's eyes are a bluish or greenish color when they are very young, and then they gradually change to their adult shade, But I have not noticed really dramatic changes like a true blue to a true green.

I won't have much time for another week (working on finalizing a mechanical engineering book for publication), but mightn't there be a Himalayan Cat Breeders Association? Or perhaps a general site like the various cat breeders of America or England, etc.?

This is an interesting question and I hope someone comes up with an answer.

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