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Pill Swallowing Problems

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My cat is now on Hill's l/d and SAM-e for her
liver problems. She loves the l/d, but I can't
get her to swallow the SAM-e pills.
They are very hard and if you split or crush
them, they become worthless as the cat's stomach
acid will destroy them before they reach the liver.
They are supposed to be taken an hour before a meal.
Anyone know a good way to get cats to swallow pills?
I'm also worried because the instructions mention
that the pills may become lodged in the esophagus.
Please help if you can and other medications that
may replace SAM-e would also be welcome.
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Have you tried a pill gun? You can get them at your vets office.
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Also have you tried putting them in braunswager (liver sausage?) cats love the stuff, and you can roll it into a small ball and insert the pill using a toothpick to push it in deep. Then just toss the ball of liver sausage to your cat. You can find braunswager in with the luncheon meats.
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Replying to Hissy,can you coat the SAM-e pill with
mineral oil to ease swallowing,or is it not healthy
for cats?
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Mineral oil especially in small amounts will not hurt cats, but it would make the pill extremely hard to hang on to and still be able to slide it down the throat. That would be my thoughts. Using a pill gun works the best because the burst of air pushes the pill down the throat so fast the cat has no clue what has happened.
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I have decided your idea about liverwaurst was better
for my cat than the pill gun -the idea was to coat
the pill with mineral oil and then insert it into the the liverwaurst.
The lubrication should ease swallowing.
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I have used butter to coat pills to give to my RB cat.
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I was able to give my cat SAM-e pill with the use of
vienna sausage (variation on Hissy's idea) but she
seemed to know something was up or that I had deceived
her - she is highly intelligent. I am more concerned
that the rock hard pill will break a tooth eventually
if I keep feeding it to her. My question to you all
is should I risk a broken tooth for a medication that
only works in perfect conditions? Most pills work better
when crushed but SAM-e is worthless when crushed. Are thereir
any other alternatives to SAM-e known by anyone?
I'm hoping the l/d works by itself.
Very concerned - BUN is lower because of Waltham's renal
support but liver is now main concern according to my vet.
Don't liver cells regenerate even in cats?
I thought kidneys were the main problem.
Need help please.
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