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Cat Photos Needed!

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Hello all wink.gif I am new to this site and sadly don't have cats of my own, however I do have some strays in my home country I go to every summer.
I am doing a paper mache project to raise money for our local animal shelter.
I will first make one test cat to see what to price my custom cat sculptures.
I need some specific pictures of one cat because every cat's proportions are different and I want it to stay constant. smile.gif If you have a cat willing yo pose for a few pics, I will make a paper mache of the cat and may even send it to you free of charge after the sales are done this summer (if you want it. I need an example to show potential buyers)
I absolutely love cats and wish I could it of my own but they are too far away ;( Mama loves you, Smoothie! <3

I you are interested post or PM me. I will need the first picture to be a side view on the cat's level (get on the floor?) so that there is no angles in the pic. The cat shouldn't be looking at the camera either.
Thanks so much everyone!
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I can try to get my cat to cooperate for a few pictures, that shouldn't be too bad, but my cat's kinda fat, I don't know if you really want her to be your model cat... Let me know if you're interested! :pix: 

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l have one that's quite "malleable" and will sit still through anything.

He's a Foldie though, so he has a unique look, and isn't your typical-looking cat.

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this is the only one I can find.. I know i had a nice one of her, but I can't find it!

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This is Morris, I'm going out now to get better pics of him:). I wouldn't need the sculpture, but I know how gorgeous he is, although I'm biased:), so if you want to use him you're welcome to.



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Welcome! I have TONS of pictures of my big guy. I will look & try to find the kind of angle you might be looking for. :)

How about these? 


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My baby boy
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Here is a picture of Toogie:



Here is a picture of Hoppi:



Here is one of Angel:



And now, Angelina:




That's it for tonight.  Good wishes for your project.

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