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had to go away

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Hi there, i had to go away for a few days, had a bad thing happen to my hubbys sister, any how im back, i missed all you guys so much, i couldnt wait to get back, i missed my boys soooooo much, i have never been apart from them that long since we got them, they were glad to see us also. i know i have missed so much, im back now, so i better get busy seeing what everyone has been up to....
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Welcome back! Hope everythig is allright now,ith your SIL
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Hey glad that you are back Hope all is well with your SIL.
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Welcome back! Is everything OK now?
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thanks guys for the welcome, and yea things are better now i guess, i didnt go into what happened because its soooo sad, and i dont like to post sad stuff in the lounge, but i want you guys to know also, so here goes, my husbands sisters son that is 26yrs old was driving to fast and had a bad car wreck, he broke every bone on his right side, because the motor came trough the car in between the seats, but the worst thing is that is girlfriend that was 23 died the next day, so now he has charged with vech. homicide. my husbands sister and BIL is just heart sick, way to much to gather, i felt so bad for all of them. so if you like say a prayer or send some vibes there way.
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Oh my God! This is so sad! I send you all my sympathy!
Positive thoughts and vibes coming your way, and I will light a candle for all of you!
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That's so sad! Hoping for the best possible outcome for your family.

And I'm glad to see you're back.
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Oh no! I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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I'll be sending prayers...
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OMG how sad is that , not only that he got bad hurt and lost his girlfriend . Now he also get charged with her death .

I am so sorry , I sure will say a prayer
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Oh my Gosh! How horrible! Many prayers are being sent this way to you, your family & the girls family. So tragic!

But on a happier note...I'm glad to see you back!
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omg I am so so sorry .. what a horrible thing to had to deal with ***hugs***

If you need someone to talk to I am here. My brother broke many many bones in a motorcycle wreck last year so I can understand
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What a horrible situation. I will add my prayers to the others being offered!
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That is so awful I am sending good vibes their way from me and the boys. You hang in there, if you need to talk PM me okay?

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OMG! That's so sad!

But I'm happy to see you back! Mega Hugs (((()))) and LOTS of my love..

Love ya! Sam.
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