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I couldn't believe this, so I had to post this

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Dear Ann Landers: I am having a problem with a mother-in-law, and I hope you can solve it.

Mom is a lovely person, and I adore her. However, she has a terrible habit of licking all the serving spoons. Whenever she cuts or serves anything, she licks both sides of the utensil. She repeats this with each slice or scoop. I find this totally repulsive, and it has reached the point where I can no longer eat anything she serves.

I have talked to my husband about this, but he says his mother has always done this and it doesn't bother him. Mom is a terrific woman, and I don't want to upset her. Is there a tactful way to get her to stop? -- Hold the Spit in Arizona

Dear Arizona: I'm afraid you're just going to have to come right out and say, "Mom, please stop licking the serving spoon. It grosses me out. Thank you, dear."
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This is really gross! I'm glad it's not my mother in law. I would have said something the first time she did it. I also would have gotten myself in trouble like I always do when I open my big mouth.
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That's pretty nasty, but my cat chews my toothbrush everyday when it's in the stand and I don't buy a new one.
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That is just gross, but I don't think I'd be able to tell her. I'm pretty nonconfrontational so that would be hard.
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I'm nonconfrontational as well, but I would either HAVE to say something or not eat.

I can't even fathom someone licking the serving spoon between EVERY serving. I try not to even touch other people utencils or food.

this woman is basically sticking her tongue in everyones food!

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Nope, thats just wrong!

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Which can be controlled by medication and knowledge. I hope the poor lady gets help, I am sure that is not her only *off the wall* behaviour.
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Thats disgusting. My daughters boyfriends sister did something similar one time. She sat at the table and spoon fed her baby out of the big bowels of food on the table before anyone had started to eat. All that drool on the spoon then back into the potato and macaroni salads. In and out,in and out. I couldnt bring myself to even touch the food. I just had a roll and some tossed salad. And I made the macaroni salad.
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AP; I have to agree that is very un-apetizing behavior!

Let me tell you something that my sister does. Bear in mind she is 54yrs. old and holds two Masters Degrees in Hospital Administration and Behavioral Psychology. She only does this at home and I have told her that some day she is gonna slip up and do it in public and really be embarassed.
She "licks" her plate clean after eating things like spaghetti or things with gravy or even the bowl after ice cream!!!! It totally disgusts me. She slurps her big old tongue completly around the plate, "cow fashion" and laps up the excess sauce, etc. sort of as a FINALE to her meal. It couldn't be more un-ladylike! Both of her daughters and I have told her how disgusting we find this and her only response is that she only does it at home. I don't know where she picked this up because our Mom was a stickler for manners. Sometimes I think she still does it just to aggrivate us. . . . .And, guess what; it does!!!!
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Ewwww......... very gross! :disturbed: Although it is gross, I don't think I could ever tell my in-laws to stop doing something like that, much less anyone else!!
threeleggedkat: my mom has also "licked her plate clean" too! She picks it up and licks the plate !

You think that is gross..... I have actually seen my mom take things from the garbage that were just not eaten from my plate when I was younger and eat it! That used to irritate me!!

Ok I am stopping myself now!!
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What more can I say?

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Two words. Gross! Ewwwww!

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Totally gross!!

But Deb25 - theres nothing wrong witha cat munching on your toothbrush - after all its a CAT!!!! - and they KNOW we can't help but forgive them for everything! :laughing2 Besides, he doesn't get his teeth brushed everyday - maybe he's very self concious about his bad breath!!
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Well, not as gross, but when my father in law washes the dishes all he does it just quickly move them through the running water... They remain very dirty. I usually wait till he's away and wash them all over, or better still, wash them myself in the first time. My mom in law gives him hell when she sees him doing it and won't let him do the dishes, but I just can't tell him off. He really doesn't mind eating off dirty dishes. Hubby tells me that when they used to go on picnics he didn't care if there were any ants in his food. He once made BBQ covered with grilled ants that got stuck to the marinade or something like that... Nobody would eat it but him (said it was just extra protein).
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