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Anyone ever had this problem?

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My Chewy has become a lover of sorts but when he neads on me his claws hurt. Can anyone give me any ways to stop this? I hold his paws but then he wants to move. Then of course, he starts again. He puts his paws around my neck but then those claws come out. Ouch Any help appreciated.
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Fortunately none of my cats do this (as of yet). I hope someone can help you with it!
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try clipping his nails as short as possible.
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The only thing I know to tell you is trim Chewy's nails to take that sharp point off.
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Spaz does this a lot.
I just move her to a different
spot so she's neading my clothes
and not my skin.
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My cats have always done that but only Toes was declawed when I got him and he's the only one that didn't hurt. DO NOT DECLAW THE CAT. The pain from the claws is easier to deal with than the pain of abusing your cat.
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Both my girls do that a lot. I usually trim their clawa regularily, that brings fewer holed on my skin (and also in my thighs when I´m cooking something Feykirófa likes the smell of ) and is kinder to the furniture. It´s enough to just trim the sharp point off. They even enjoy having their pedicure! Lately I cannot find the cat nail clippers, so I have quite some wholes in my skin I really have to start really looking for them!
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Thanks all. Unfortunately Chewy isn't a real fan of having anything done to him. I can hold his paws until I try to get the nail to come out so I can clip it. Then he jerks it away and usually runs. He has never been a cat you can hold. I have to catch him asleep to put the flea stuff on. And that has to be fast. Guess I just have to hold his paws or move him.
I had a cat a long time ago that would nead the heck out of me but never used his claws. He was such a sweetheart.
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Try trimming the claws.
Instructions: www.softpaws.com/article.html

If they're still uncomfortable, you can try using Soft Paws - little vinyl caps that fit over the nails. www.softpaws.com Some veterinarians & groomers carry them & will apply them for you, if you're uncomfortable purchasing something on the Internet.
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Your vet or an assistant at the clinic can trim the claws for you, if it's too hard to do at home.

At home, try to work on getting him to accept handling gradually - touch his paws for a brief moment while you're petting him, then give him a treat, gradually working up to better tolerance of handling.
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