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:flash: I am new to this site I just wanted to say hello.I am the proud meowmie of 2 and also a baby squirrel..
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Welcome to the cat site , nice meeting you .
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Welcome! Love your username!

Care to share photos of your furkids?
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Welcome to TCS!

What are your Furbabies names?
Yes we love pics lol
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its nice to meet you all,and thank you mom of 10 cats. my girls names are daisy and beemers i adopted both of them from the kitty pound...they are both going on 2 years old..they demand to be spoiled rotten...which me and my husband do happily.daisy is a gray tiger stripe and beemers is a, goodness i dont know she has some wild colors...but they are both beautiful babies.then our baby squirrel his name is fuzzy we rescued him when his mommie abandoned him he is about 3 months old and we are still bottle feeding him.as soon as we get the scanner hooked up we will put their pictures on for everyone
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Welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy it here.
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Hi and welcome.
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Welcome to TCS!!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to you and Daisy and Beemers and of course, Fuzzy!
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hello and welcome
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Welcome to the site! Your kitties sound just lovely! I have a saying: If cats weren't meant to be spoiled they wouldn't insist on it! I think Daisey and Beemer have that part down pat! LOL I would love to see pictures of Fuzzy, as well as your girls. Squirrels are SO cute!
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Do Fuzzy and the kitties get along? Wow!

Hope you get as much out of this site as do! Welcome.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS. We all can't wait to see pictures of your purrbabies and the squirrel I know that he/she must be a cutie.
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Hi and Welcome!!
Looking forward to seeing some pics of your furkids, all of them...
Thanks for rescuing your 2 Kitties!

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