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Sad case...2 cats need one home

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These two cats were in a house fire. One's ear was damaged and she is very shy as a result. The two were rescued after the fire by an elderly couple. The cats lived happily with the couple for quite a few years. But about 2 months ago the couple's daughter from Calufornia came and forced them to leave their home in Kentucky to live with her there. She wanted them to leave NOW and when they couldn't find the cats (who were in the house but hiding) she made them leave without the cats.

Well, we get a call from the road. The couple is so upset and crying about their beloved cats being abandoned, that the daughter couldn't take it any more, so she calls the Humane Society so we can catch the cats and take them to the shelter.

It took a while to get them and we just couldn't take them to be killed, so we are boarding them at a vet's office. But these poor cats need a home. It is such a heartbreaking story. Click here to see these poor cats.
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OMG how awfull can people get

Those two cats are sooooo prety too
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I bet the cats were a lot kinder to that elderly couple than their daughter. How could someone be so heartless as to make them leave their pets behind?

The more I see of humanity, the more I treasure my cats.
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I 2nd that Sue
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I'll 3rd that too.

They're beautiful. The limit in the town where I live has a limit of 3 cats or dogs or both total. No more.

I hope someone adoptes them together.
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Oh Renae, how horrible!!!!! You've had such great luck placing your ferals, I sure hope you can work your magic to find these two a loving home. Poor kitties!!! And those poor people. What a tragic story. I always wonder how wonderful people wind up with children that are nothing like them.
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That is so sad.How can their daughter be so cruel??Could she not at least tolerate the cats for her parent's sake??I'm sure they tolerated a LOT of things for her(not neccassarily mean pets,just anything.)when she was growing up.
I hope these 2 find the loving home they deserve.Please keep us updated.
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