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My husband grew up in the town where John Wayne Gacey committed his murders (Norridge, IL). He lured his victims by offering them construction jobs for decent money. While my husband (about 16 years old) was working in a convenience store where Gacey used to shop, Gacey asked him if he wanted to start making real money. I am very grateful that Steve politely declined.

Scary, eh?
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sad to say, noone famous or really special came from here. Clinton is like a small hick town. bummer for us
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Someone must come from Clinton! I know the name and have never lived in Iowa.
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Trisha Yearwood is about the most well known one. She still comes home all of the time (her parents are still here). She has even brought Garth with her. I've met her and she's a really nice person (and tall - taking after her father). Unfortunately, I haven't met Garth. Wouldn't that be nice?
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Originally posted by TTMom
Willow's Mom--actually nobody really knows where Buffalo Bill is truly buried. As a resident of both Colorado and Wyoming I was confused as heck when we'd go to Buffalo Bill's grave just up I-70 outside of Golden (I grew up in Golden) and then we'd go to Buffalo Bill's grave up in Cody, Wyoming. Both states claim him and nobody knows for sure who has him.

Ahhh Didn't know that I have only been to the one up I 70 once and that was when I was about 7 years old with my Grandparents. Thanks for tellin me
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Just a weird trivia fact. Sacajawea has some of the same issues around her death. There are two legends. One is that she died on the trail in S. Dakota, the other is that she lived and settled on the Wind River Indian Reservation and died there. I've been to the gravesite in WY as a child and seen the other theory on TV. I like to think she lived on the Indian Reservation since I spent my childhood summers there, but no one is sure on that one either.
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Dick Turpin the highwayman used to ride where my house is built!

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall live close by my work. Jerry and her daughters often pop in.

Dean Gaffney’s brother lives in a block of flats near my house, lol
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hmm well if anybody knows the show
"neighbours" from australia i used to live 10 mins away from them, My friend used to be a back up on the show, like on weddings and stuff like that.
Im sure there are more but i cant think of right now
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Tony Stewart trolls around town when he's not racing
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I don't know that many....

Axel Rose and Izzy Stradlin of GNR are from here. I went to school with Jeff "Izzy" . Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon (also now defunct) is from here, I mean before he died. Karen Black the actress. Sydney Pollack the director, Charles Lamb of CSPAN. Alva Roebuck from Sears and Roebuck (so hubby says). That's all I can think of.
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Well Whoopi Goldberg lives aroung the corner from me, and actually bartends some nights at her friends bar downtown

Matt Damon and Ben Afflek came from Southie....But thats like 30 miles away

theres others but there all from Western Mass...and that real far away from me..
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Oh and the lead singer of GodSmack is in Laurie Cabots Coven....Laurie Cabot is the official witch of Salem Mass.....I grew up in salem and am probably moving back there in thje next two months.....but now thats that
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i went to church with toby keith in norman oklahoma
his parents also lived a few miles from me and attended the same church
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John Belushi went to college for one year where I go to school.

Tiara Purifoy a contestant on the most recent American Idol was a recent graduate. (She's semi-famous)

Senator Russ Feingold grew up here also.

I met Dustin Diamond (Screech ffrom Saved By The Bell) in Milwaukee at a mall, he lives there. I was totally psyched....he's not a geeky looking as I once thought.

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Evansville claims Bob Griese and Don Mattingly (sports), Ron Glass (actor on Barney Miller), Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor - Smallville) grew up about a mile from me (I know his Mom and saw him at her recent wedding. Didn't meet him, he was too busy avoiding pushy women).

Dulles (as in Dulles airport) was from here as well. I know there are others, but can't think of them now.

Oh, Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky and at age 7 moved to the county east of me and lived there until about 21 years old. He would come to Boonville Indiana to borrow law books from a lawyer there. it is possible that some of my ancestors may have known him or his family. I have come across some records which i still have to research more.
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In my city i have:

Sting(Who lived 20 minutes from my mum and dad before he hit the music scene)

Chris Rhea

Brian Ferry
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