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Never work with a Cat Model....

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I was just cleaning out some of my old pictures on my computer and came across these ones of Nakita. I took these when Nakita received a gift package from

I wanted to thank Dave (the owner) and decided I would take a picture of Nakita with her toys. Little did I know that taking one picture would be so hard with a cat model!

I took 20 shots and only two pictures actually turned out semi-decent! Here are some of the pics from the 'modelling session'.

Take 1: Ok Nakita, look at the camera! (she sneezes)

Take 5: Nakita, look at the camera! (She starts playing with the toy label)

Take 10: Ok, look at the camera Nakita! (She looks to the left instead)

Take 12: Nakita, look this way! (She looks to the right instead)

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Take 15: Yo Nakita, this way! (She looks straight ahead, but starts to close her eyes & her hair is stuck up on her head )

Take 20: Final chance Nakita! Woohoo, we have a winner!

After a long shoot, the model falls into dreamland. Sweet dreams Nakita!
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Silly Nakita! She is just sooo gorgeous, no matter what pose she's in! Love her smile on the "good" photo!
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how funny , I love it . But who could be mad with a model so pretty like her
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looks like it was a lot of fun
taking the pics though lol

She's a beautiful model, that's
for sure.
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O my she is soooo beautiful
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Tell me about it! I must take atleast 15 pics before I get the shot I like. That is why I LOVE it when people send me pics of there cats
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Cats never do what you want them to. Gorgeous pics, what a beauty! :flower:
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That's too funny! I love the one where her hair is sticking straight up!
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Sigh!!! just what I needed for dessert, nakita pics Love seeing her and could never stop enjoy seeing her pics!! next cat if JB will let me will be a russian blue for sure....
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love nakita !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You wouldn't imaginge howmany times Nakita comes up in conversations that me and my fiance have about cats !!!!
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Well, you know those models. Always have to be difficult!

Even though these weren't the shots you wanted, she's just just as pretty as always!!!!
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Aw! She was definitly dipped in cute at birth! haha stole that saying from someone else here!

Give her scritches from me Kass!
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I always love seeing Nakita pictures... she's just so darn adorable, I can't even stand it.
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At least Nakita stayed in one place when you did your photo shoot - she's adorable, thanks for sharing.
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OMG! She is gorgeousness personified (or is it catified?)!
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Aww... Nakita is just precious
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Love the play pics!

So is working with Cat Models like actors working with children? They always steal the show!
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I love to see her pictures- even the bad ones.
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You know, I think there could easily be an entire magazine (monthly) dedicated to just Nakita.

I love the one with her hair sticking up!

And they are ALL gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
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