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A couple of questions

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When do cats usually start to move out of the kitten-dom? I mean do they start to settle down into cat personalities? Mine are 6 months and they are starting to LOOK like cats, but still act like kittens. Seems like a year is a turning point but can't remember.

Second, my boy is definetly the alpha cat to the girl (they are litter mates). Now, I have been thinking of separating them more and more-like put him in another room for a few hours a day, cause he just attacks her so much I think she her real personality isn't allowed to develop. I mean he just attacks her all the time now.
I know it's all in normal play, but I want see if she would be more comfortable with some time on her own. Or would that be mean, to keep them apart for awhile?
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Are they spayed and neuter yet ? If not that's where the agression may come from by the male cat . He got the right age now to get neuter and the girl spayed too . Yes I believe around 12 month they start to settle down .
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Yes, they are spayed and neutered.

He is really aggressive towards her and just in general right now. But REALLY towards her. I really want to see how she would do on her own for a bit.
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You can try to get the Feli-way plug-in , that helps bretty good and has helped me a lot . You can get it on line or at Pets -Mart . On line it is a little cheaper as far as I know . I wanted mine quick so I got it from pets mart .
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Thanks, yeah I just ordered some flower essence. I had somehow thought I was past that (used the transition one for when they were new here) but I think it's in order. hopefully it will help!
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If littermates stay together, and they're spayed before they start to enter kitty puberty, I find they stay kittenish for a long time! 6 of our cats are littermates, and they still act like kittens a good deal of the time at 2 1/2 years old! They groom one another, wrestle, chase each other through the house, etc. They've never had any reason to grow up!
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That an interesting point. I see that here. These guys have it so good, I mean they have the run of the place when I am at work, they have their original siblings to play with so I can see them never growing up! Why should they! I just hope they do stop fighting so much, he is out of control sometimes.
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