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I spoke with someone regarding the difference between midline or flank spay and was told that recovery from midline spays takes longer because the vet have to cut thru more muscles and move more organs around compared to flank surgeries.

Is that true??

I thought midline spay would be better cuz the cuts are a lot smaller therefore the cat would recover fast due to the smallness of the cut....
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Need to know about this so I can decide where to take cats for spaying soon.. so PLS someone answer this.
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Sorry Pam, I have no idea, I just let the vet make the call and do the procedure. Can't help you.
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I've never heard of those choices! When Nakita was spayed, they only asked me if I wanted laser surgery or traditional. I chose laser and Nakita seemed to heal quicker with less pain.
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INTERESTING. My regular vet didn't ask me either- just did the neutering.

However, for ferals, started taking to a place which specializes in ferals and does spaying/neutering for a discount and they do flank spaying. It kinda bothered me seeing the cut being so long. Later on, I took 2 other cats/kittens to SPCA and they did a midline spays and I noticed the cuts were a lot smaller- only an inch long. I thought SPCA would be better and started favoring that for all strays/ferals. However, I spoke with someone from animalallies organization and she explained the diff between these two spaying procedures and said that in the long run the flank spaying was easier on the cats. I wanted to doublecheck on that. Hmmm....
If any of u guys can, could u call ur vets and see what they say? I'll call my vets and see what they say. I'm really curious about this and would like to know for sure..
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I found some info regarding this and thought I'd share it with u. It is a bit hard to follow though.

[/quote]How does lateral surgery compare to ventral surgery?
I would like to know the pros and cons of lateral surgery versus ventral surgery in sterilization of female dogs and cats.

Well, this is an interesting question as I only recently added the lateral flank technique to my surgical repertoire. Either the lateral (from the left side) or ventral (through the midline of the abdomen) surgical approach can be effective and the choice depends somewhat on the surgeon's personal preference. The lateral offers the advantage in lactating females that the surgeon doesn't have to cut past the milk glands to find the midline. I use it in lactating feral cats that will be released as soon as possible back into their home territory. I assume (and hope) that they will find their kittens. When the kittens nurse, they will put much less stress on a lateral incision than a ventral incision. So I hope to avoid failure of the surgical closure. The downside of the lateral technique is that it is less versatile. It is very difficult to deal with pregnancy, pyometra, or excessive bleeding using the lateral technique. I have never used the lateral flank approach in dogs. Hope that answers your question.

Still doing research. When I find out more, I will add to this.
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