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If you don't vote out of choice... Shuddap! about candidates, issues, etc... I vote because I can and like to bitch about candidates, issues, etc... I've had some awesome debates with friends and family over politics although I never debate these things online. I prefer a more person to person thing with this.
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I vote simply because I feel that I don't have the right to complain if I don't!
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Originally Posted by adymarie
Do you vote? Do you think your vote makes a difference? Does a person have a right to complain about government policies if they didn't vote? What do you think.
1) Yes, I vote.
2) Unfortunately I feel that many times my vote does not make a difference. I end up voting for the lesser of 2 evils or who I think is less of a liar.
3) People who do not vote shouldn't complain. I think if everyone did vote, the outcome would be extremely different. THEN, votes would make a difference.

Wierd how all these threads are being resurrected all of a sudden.
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I'm only old enough to have voted in one election (November's), but I plan to vote in every election that I can...it's my right AND my responsibility!
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Yes it vote... every little bit counts
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