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Dawn, its sounds to me like you are with-in the ideal weight. All that really matters is that you are happy with your body. If you are happy then don't worry about it. If he doesn't like it.. he'll deal with it. Nobody is perfect and nobody ever will be.

I also think there is too much emphasis on being thin, however, I don't think there can ever be too much emphasis on being healthy. (This is my opinion and I am in no way trying to offend anyone) I think there is a difference between thin and healthy. You don't have to be thin to be healthy. Eat healthy foods with the essential vitamins and nutrients... and work out every other day.

I'm overweight. (5'1.5" and 145 lbs.) I'm chubby.. and I'm not happy with my body.. and through Craig's positive motivation and encouragement I'm trying to eat healthier and work out. Catarina is also helping. Craig is not just encouraging through word of mouth though.. he's also doing it with me. He's gonna eat the same healthy foods and work out with me. So its gonna be a team effort which will be much easier. I don't want to be "thin" or "skinny".. I just want to be with-in an ideal weight range.. and mostly in good health... I don't want to have heart problems, high blood pressure, or any other thing that can come from eating unhealthy foods.

So, Dawn... its what YOU desire. If you want to lose weight.. then go for it girl! If not.. thats cool too! If you are happy with yourself then I say that you should stay the way you are! If you are interested in eating healthier then do so. It's your body and your life and you should live it the way you want to.. because you only have one life!

A persons beauty should be judged on personality. I've seen people that have killer bodies but the absolute CRAPPIEST personality.. and that makes them ugly. I've seen people with an average body have the most wonderful personality in the world.. and it made them soo beautiful and not so average! I think you have a wonderful personality Dawn.. and you're a beautiful person regardless of what you look like!

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In your picture you don't look overweight by any means!! I am 5'8 and weigh around 170lbs. But, it is because I eat fast food 99% of the time I try to cut back on food, but I don't cook, either! However, when people find out how much I weigh they say I don't even look near that because I am tall, which I guess is a compliment and a good thing????? When my hubby and I were dating, I weighed between 125-130!! Gee, was I happy then, and I would love to weigh that again. I have been working on it, though..... we bought a treadmill back in May, which I am trying to use more often. I know that it is up to me...... and damn it, I am going to get there! If not, I would like to lose atleast 10-15 lbs!

Dieting is hard......... I bought some of those Ultra Slimfast bars, and they are good!! It is sooooooo hard to eat good!

And, it is true about the personality thing...... I have met people like that who think they are the greatest, but their attitudes really do suck!! And, that is too bad for them! Then, you've got the people who do look good and act like they are all that, but then they aren't either. "Normal" sized people don't act like that, or atleast I haven't run into someone like that.
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If you were any thinner you'd be anorexic! And Cassie is right, a person shouldn't be judged by what they look like. What's inside is what is important. I may be overweight, but I have tons of friends and for the most part, am a happy person. I too have a problem with motivation. I wish I had someone that would go on weight watchers with me. Unfortunately I live alone and don't like cooking for just me. I also agree that if hubby thinks you need to lose weight, PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

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Dawn; I have never met you; but that does not affect the fact that I like the person you are inside. The one that comes across to all of us here at the site. I agree with those who have said that being healthy and liking yourself is what really matters. I wasted too many years trying to conform to what I thought others would find attractive. As a result, I am old and out of shape due to years of functioning on zero to little food and depriving my bones and vital organs from the calcium and other minerals they needed to ward off things like arthritus and osteophorosus. (sp)

I plan to ask Catarina if there is any hope for me 'cause I am "sick and tired of being sick and tired". . . .
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Always keep a positive outlook, Darlene. If you weren't the way you are, there would be no Wonder Bed, and you'd only have cause to drag out the Holiday Lights once a year.
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Thank you, Deb! I really mean that. You have managed to make me smile (you always do) I owe you a whole weekend pass on the "Wonder Bed" (you and Colby and Cleo) Tell me, do you think it is too early to add a few ornaments to the light string?

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I will make some ornaments out of macaroni for you
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I imagine it's never too early. By December, it will look like Snoopy's dog house in "Charlie Brown Christmas".

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Maybe I can get the City to make it one of their stops for the "Historic Neighborhood Holiday Lights" tour. I think there is prize money to be had as well!!!!

AP, don't forget the glitter on the maccaroni ornaments!!! Do you think I could get you to burn me a special CD of Holiday Classics?

Don't you just love decorating and getting in the "Holiday Mood".
We should all consider "lending our touch" to Deb25's new house. . . . .
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If I keep you laughing, it will save lots of wear and tear on the vibrating feature.
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Dawn; In case you're wonderng how this ties into your thread; There is no time to be HUNGRY. . . . . We must all start guilding those obects we talked about being addicted to in another thread, and turn them into decorations for Deb25's house. She will be THRILLED!!!! (wreaths and garlands and delrobia, oh my!)
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You all are so sweet. I am generally happy with the way I look. I wish I was in better shape, but it's not the end of the world. I really enjoy eating, so dieting is something I've never tried before (also because I've never needed it). I could lose a bit of flab in certain areas, but I could also live with it.

I wanted to try the Slim Fast because I thought they might taste good (I was wrong) and because they're more balanced than a lot of the meals I was putting together. Unfortunately, I have no desire to put effort into eating well at lunch time. I do make nutritious meals at dinner time, and my children eat well. I'm just pretty lazy, I have to admit. Seems I spend my life in the kitchen as it is. I'm still going to drink the slim fast for breakfast and when there's nothing decent to eat in the house. Today I had leftovers, because in addition to being lazy, I'm cheap and hate to waste food.

In defense of my husband, he is a pretty great guy, and I love him a lot. He just has a few hangups and weight/appearance is one of them. We've been married for 10 years, and he's always been that way. It's only started bothering me now that I know I could look better. But, you know, he has a hairy back , which I think I'm going to start mentioning to him when he makes any comments I don't like! :laughing2
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As a final answer try this...the next time hubby/other mentions you need to lose some weight;look him straight in the eye and tell him...Yes,but I'm planning on losing ____ pounds reeeeeeal soon!!! Insert whatever HIS weight is.

Now you KNOW I'm kidding here...maybe.
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Kittyfoot - That was good, I'm laughing! :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing:

And it just might work!
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Has anyone seen the story on the "Plus Sized" model who killed herself last weekend? I Think it's pretty sad when people consider girls of her size to be Plus Sized. Here are her stats:
And more info on her suicide:

This story really touched me, because I saw this beautiful face on my TV screen and learned that she took her life. They showed pictures of the "Plus Sized" model, and she looked slender to me!

Anyway, i don't think you need to lose any weight Dawn. You are really beautiful, and what kind of motivation is it to lose weight just because hubby wants you to? I agree with what Kittyfoot said about telling hubby the only weight you need to lose is him, he he kidding.

But really, does your husband even know how stinging his remarks are to you?
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Originally posted by illusion

But really, does your husband even know how stinging his remarks are to you?
Illusion is right, Dawn. Dr. Phil (my hero) has done a segment on this. He, of course, says you should tell hubby how it makes you feel when he suggests that you lose weight.
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I just have to comment on the 'plus size' model

she had a 28" waist for crying out loud!!!!!

and who kills themselves by stabbing themsleves in the neck?!? that is sadistic. you really aren't messing around when you do that. nothing simple like pills & booze or a carbon monoxide sleep.

that shook me up. I can't imagine things being SO bad that I could cut my own throat.

I wouldn't be shocked if it came out that there was foul play. that was some heavy stuff for 9 0'clock in the morning.
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I've never really told Doug how his comments make me feel. I've given him a hard time, but I haven't told him seriously. Most of the time he makes very sweet comments, like how good I look in something I have on or how he can see the difference working out is making. But every now and then he makes comments about losing weight, and they're usually just side comments. Like the other day we were shopping in the mall and I was pretty depressed because I couldn't find anything that fit me well. I told him shopping was depressing, and he said that maybe I could use it as motivation. That one hurt. But like I said, he's usually very sweet.

There is something dreadfully wrong with society today where such emphasis is put on appearances. I think that if more attention was paid to morals and values rather than appearance, we'd be a lot better off. (Just my soapbox.)
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Seriously, Dawn, maybe it's about time you told him that it hurts your feelings and makes you feel unattractive to him when he makes those kinds of comments. Maybe he doesn't realize that it hurts you. Even if you weighed 500 lbs, it's not his place to get on you about it. He's the person who is supposed to comfort and support you. There's nothing quite as ego deflating as the person who loves you and who you love insinuating that you don't look good enough anymore. Maybe he just doesn't realize the message he sends you when he says those things. It's about time that you pointed it out (not in a yelling or fighting way).

That's what Dr. Phil would say.
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I have to side with AP; something about that "Plus Size Model"'s suicide doesn't smell right. . . . .

Take it from someone who hs spent all her adult life in larger sizes (before they so graciously referred to them as "Plus"); we are so much more than our outward appearances.

Thank God, I had a Mother and Father who taught me to stand tall and be proud of my differences. I think a lot of the blame for the problems of young adults (primarily women, but not always) feeling insecure in their looks, stems from parents who want to have "perfect little beauty queens/kings" and forget what these pressures do to young, impressionable minds.
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How can you help but stand tall, Wonder Lady, you're 6'4", for crying out loud!
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If that is plus size, I wonder what that makes me


yeah I have to agree that IS strange, of all the suicides I have ever heard of, I have NEVER heard of anyone stabbing themselves in the neck.
I think maybe they were doing a little more than pot, maybe LSD, that sounds more like it.
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how's the diet going?
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Well, funny you asked!

Right after I started, I went to Austin for five days and visited my parents. I gained 5 pounds. I finally decided that I'd like to lose about 10 pounds strictly for myself, not my husband. So I started back on the Slim Fast yesterday. I did fine yesterday, and I actually wasn't hungry because I had the snacks that the program recommends. But then today I went to a birthday party and completely blew it. I'll try again tomorrow. Thanks for remembering!
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it's soooo hard to do (for me anyway)

good luck with it!
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Well, I'm pretty motivated now. I think we'll be having a third child, and I want to be thin and in good shape before I get pregnant. I think we'll start trying for the baby at the end of the year, so that gives me about 6 months to get my a** in gear. I'm also trying to get better about getting to the gym 3 times a week. I went to my cycling class yesterday (which I hadn't been to in 3 weeks) and I just about died. Pretty sad.
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it's so hard to get into a gym routine, but so easy to fall out of it. I haven't been in forever because it's really a shame because I feel so much better when I do go. I have so much more energy.

I have to get my butt back to the gym!
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