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I LOVE this site!

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I've been ghosting thru this site for about a year now and decided to finally introduce myself. I am the momma to 2 boys...Pipsqueek and Frantic. Frantic is a tuxedo and a VERY big boy. Pipsqueek is his little brother, but he's a tabby. They're 4 1/2 yrs old.

I'm still learning about having 2 boys. I had my baby, Shamilar for 14 yrs before I lost her to CRF.

I also take care of a very small feral colony. It started with 1 pregnant cat, grew to 3 boys, another momma showed up, dropped her kitten off and never returned. The momma is pregnant again, the 3 boys have been socialized and found homes, the abandoned kitten is Mahogany due to his gorgeous coat and Ember showed up last winter and never left. So I'm left with 3. Mahogany and Ember are the only 2 I see regularly.

I've learned alot thru this site. Thank you!!

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Sandy - welcome to the site! You are an angel for taking care of those ferals. Hope to see you posting often!
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Welcome to the site, I hope you can trap that pregnant mom and get her spayed soon, otherwise your colony will never quit growing!
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Welcome to you and your clan!
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Hello and welcome to TCS to you and your clan.
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Hello, Sweets. Welcome to TCS!

Can't wait see some pics of your
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Welcome to the site! How wonderful that you are caring for a feral colony. Be sure to check out the Feral Colony Forums, and ask any questions you may have about them.
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Welcome to this site

That is so nice of you caring for the ferals , you must have a big heart for them . I agree with Hissy , you need to try to trap the mom cat in order to keep the population of your ferals down . I am sure if you look around there is plenty help how to do that , or you can ask for help in a new thread .
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Hi and welcome!!
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Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Hi! Hello also to Pipsqueek and Frantic (cute names by the way) Nice of you to care for the ferals!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS. Pictures..Pictures..Pictures..We want to see pictures! That is very cool of you to care of the ferals in your area

Did I mention that we want to see pictures?
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Hi and Welcome!!
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