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my new cats

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When my husband and I bought our house last year we decided to get Mr.Cat.He was 4 years old.We then wanted a kitten.So I adopted Stanley.Well my mother was no longer able to take care of her cat so....we got Luv.Luv will not come outta my room and its been a month.While Luv was only there for 2 weeks ,my friend moved im w/ us w/ her cat,Moe.Moe is nasty and has her nails.None of my cats have nails.Moe attacked Mr.Cat leaving him w/ a bloddy nose.My poor baby.Anyway is there any way to break this cycle of fighting?How can I help my cats get along?
You would think my dog would be the problem!!!
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this is a tough one. talk about a blended family. (BTW, Mr.CAt I thought you lived in oregon? :laughing: )

hey guys, would she be better off posting this in the behavior forum? there is more traffic here but it sounds like a problem for those folks. just a thought

I'm sure that the moderators here can post the various links to the many threads regarding introducing new cats to the household. You should find some helpful stuff there.

sorry I can't personally be more helpful.

welcome to the cat site by the way!

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First of all, WELCOME!!! Glad you have joined us!! As for your problemo, I don't really have any advice either, normally I would say try to keep them seperate to start with just for a while, but seeing as you have more than a couple of cats in your house - this could be difficult!

Im with Airprincess here - I think you'd get a better response in the behaviour forum, lots more knowledgable (spelling?!) people there to lend a helping hand!! Let us know how it goes!!

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Welcome! It's nice to have you here!

I do agree with AP... you would do much better off posting this situation in detail on the behavior forum. People will most likely see it sooner and reply faster! I'm not much of a cat expert so I'll leave the advice to them :tounge2:! Good luck with your cats!!

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Just want to welcome you to the forum. I am sorry I dont have any experience with the problem you have. I am sure someone here will be able to help. Please keep us posted.
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