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Important info on woman's health

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Thought that this was important to share. From cp24.com

Taking Health To Heart

Heart disease is women’s biggest foe and now experts think they’ve uncovered some warning signs to help them recognize when the worst is on the way.

A study surveyed 515 women who’d suffered heart attacks. It found unusual fatigue and sleeplessness might be a telltale signal that a cardiac incident is coming. At least 95 per cent of the participants reported having those symptoms for as long as a month before suffering a heart attack.

“If we can get women to recognize the symptoms early, we can get them treatment and prevent or delay a heart attack,†explained researcher Jean C. McSweeney. “That's why the early symptoms are significant.â€

The most common complaints that came up during the study were unusual fatigue at 71 per cent, sleep disturbance at 48, shortness of breath, 42, indigestion, 39 and anxiety, 35.

And it's urgent that both patients and doctors be aware of the warning signs. If physicians suspect a heart attack is coming because of a patient’s early symptoms, they might be able to nip the problem in the bud.

“If doctors are aware of the early warning signs, they will be more likely to accurately diagnose and take care of the problem before a heart attack and it could lead to better heath care for women,†said Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a cardiologist at Lenox Hospital in New York.

It’s not clear yet if the study results apply to men too, because they sometimes have different symptoms than women.
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Thanks for the info! I have been having some chest pains, but it is caused from all the stress that I have been experiencing.
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Interesting. Thanks for posting.
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Every symptom you posted on here I have had in the last 2-3weeks. I think it maybe just stress with my Dad being sick and dying and all of the other stressors I have in my life right now. Thanks for the info. I think I will call the doc's office and just talk to her nurse in the morning just to see if I need to be checked out.
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