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Kitten Pictures

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We all love kittens don't we? Lets see those adorable kittens out there.

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Little rescued kitten:
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And taking a little nap:
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Awwww they are all SO cute!!
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Awww, there is nothing cuter than a sleeping kitten

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I am in love with all of the little baby pics!
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awwww I miss having babies!
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Awwwww: I love all of these little purrbabies. I will have to post some of The Sammycat when I get home tonight. I wish that I had a camera when we first got Oscar so I could have kept a record of him as he grew to be the hansome boy he is now.
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awww...i just LOVE baby kittens! mine are growing up so fast *sniff*
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Here's my newest baby, Buddy.
He was born on Aug. 19th.

All the kittens in here are so adorable!!
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Cuteness overload!

Ivan the foster kitten has gone on to a new home - he was one of the cutest kittens I've ever seen.

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Oh look at those EYES!!!
They are so pretty!!

I'm glad you found him a home, but
I'm sure your going to miss him lots.
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This is the Sammycat on the very first day I brought him home: He was all eyes and ears back then(not any more though)
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Looking all cute
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One more when I put his collar on him for the first time. He sure did hate it
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Oh wow, all the kittens here are really cute

Here's one of Tayo at 6 weeks
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Serious cuteness overload!
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OMG....Tayo is such a little poof of a doll!!!! AWWWWWW!!!!
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I agree, way too cute
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Awwwww! Cute pics guys!
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I want one mommy!!!
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I love kitten pictures!

This is Hallie when she was 3 weeks old. (the calico, of course!)

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This is Hallie at 6-8 weeks. I can't remember which it is.

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OMG Hallie is so pretty!!!
Her coloring is gorgeous!
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This is Jake at 8 weeks.

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The rest of my cats were rescues and I don't have baby pictures of them. Hallie and Jake's baby pictures I got from DragonLady and Mary from the cattery Petmar.
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aawwww Jake is an adorable cutie too!
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My goodness! Jake was such a wunk-a-chunk!
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All of these kittens are spectacular!

OK....can't resist my little kittenino's. Here are the 4 of them (Muddy, Koko, Jake and Elwood) about 10 days old (the day we rescued them):
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