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Tuesday Night Owl Thread

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It's almost midnight and I still don't have all my homework done.Ugh.I had to take a break from writing though cause my hand feels like it's gonna fall off.

I took my kittens to school with me today and weighed them.
They are somewhere around 6 months old.
Max is 6.7 lbs
Ruby is 4.8 lbs
When I first got these kittens they were around 2 weeks old and Ruby was a lot bigger.She stayed bigger for a while but here lately I had noticed Max was outgrowing her.I couldn't believe he was almost 2 lbs. bigger than her. Little pig.LOL.

Well,gonna try and finish up homework now.
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i am patiently (ha!) waiting for replies to the email i had to write to my inlaws and was sent out over 24 hours ago. part of me is very cynical and telling me not to hold my breath, while another is hoping for an apology at the very least. SIGH.

i'd kill to have homework right now; i miss it. yes,i know that i'm "sick" LMAO ROF
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Yeah I read your post about the in-laws.Why do people have to be such a pain in the butt sometimes?

If you're dying for homework I'll send ya some of mine.LOL.
I have got so much to do this week I just don't think I will ever get it done.

I had to do computer h/w tonight
Plus a journel that is due every week that we have to write in everyday(and I was WAY behind )
Have 2 big tests on Thursday.
I will spend what time I have tomorrow finding the answers for the study guides and studying.
I have an 800 wd paper due on Friday that I haven't even started on because I have not had any time to do it.
I am so looking forward to this semester being over.Just a little over a month left.
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UGH.My kitty,Max just knocked my milk over right into the carpet.
I never even noticed he was on the table.
Gotta get that up or it will be smellin pretty nice in a few days.
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I've got 5 pounds of shrimp sitting in my sink dethawing... well... they were dethawed about 2 hours ago but I just don't have the nerve to go cut their heads off...
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LOL...i've NEVER worked with shrimp before!!
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htey've got HUGE black eyes!

and I could swear they're talking to me!

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I have just been watching all my fave shows on the box.

Had Corned beef and vegies for tea, very yummy.

Just had a shower. Definitly not in my usual self today.. My finger is so damn sore.

Hope everyones having a better night than moi here.

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Both of mine are sleeping until i go to bed then they
follow me and sleep with us
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Just stopping by to say 'Hi!'

Hmmm, Tamme, no need to cut the heads off, you can just give a good twist and they pop right off.

Haha, Sam, ok, I'm sure the dish was lovely, but thankfully you haven't sparked my taste buds like you usually do! Not too into corned beef. Whew. I think I've already lost 5 lbs not getting late night food cravings inspired by you!
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Well after a nice 2 days off I am back to work. with ALOT to do! well not so much that I can't take some time to post on here not much happening in my world......just waiting for the snow to come......we had a nice ice storm for halloween but no snow. so Hopfully the snow will start falling soon!! I went and bought my kitties a few new toys and some rock things for my fishies. but that's about all that happening here!! hope everyone's haveing a good night!!
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