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There's a a new cat in DA HOUSE!!!

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Well, Cammie (the Aby-mix cat I mentioned a couple of days ago) is now here in my home. She was spayed yesterday. She is in my bathroom for the next 12 days. It doens't have any windows but is roomy. She is a VERY affectionate and sensitive little thing. She started digging under the door with her claws so I put a scat mat across the doorway. It was set too high and when she walked onto it, it gave her quite a jolt and scare. She is still friendly with me, but a little less trustful of walking around the bathroom. I feel bad, but I couldn't have her digging my wood door up, and she will soon get over her little shock. NOW she stays away from the door.

Lily has smelled her scent and has done some heavy duty sulking and growling around. She is NOT happy I brought a new cat home. I certainly like Cammie and hope with time she and Lily will tolerate each other. I wish I could post pictures but my family doesn't own a digital camera.
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oooooo... i bet they will tolerate each other soon and you will have a great time with them!! Congrats!!
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Congratulations and best of luck! Pictures!!!!
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Do scat mats achieve the same thing as Eletric fences? I have never heard of scat mats

Congrats on Cammie!
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that deliver an electo-static "shock" that keep cats away from and off of furniture, doorways, etc. They recommmend low to med for cats and I had it (accidently) on high. She stepped on it and it didn't deliver the shock right away so her whole body was on the mat. When it zapped her it shocked her so much that she froze which made things worse because she froze ON the mat!! I quickly pushed her off the mat and she cried and hid for a little while. She wasn't injured but it does deliver quite a punch. I've been zapped by it before and it isn't a very pleasant sensation and I am many times larger! She now knows without a doubt though, to stay away from the door and not scratch it.

She really is a beautiful, very tender-hearted cat. I really hope she and Lily can live in peace together.
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Scat mats sound scary
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Poor Cammie!
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OMG! Scat mats sound really scary. I don't think I would want them near my cats.
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Hey! That message came up three times..

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used CORRECTLY, they deliver just a small "zap" enough to get the cat's attention without hurting them. In Cammie's case It was my fault for not double-checking the setting and because she had all four feet on the mat it was more of a zap then it needed to be. My other cat Lily, has been exposed to it and she only got zapped a couple of times on a low setting with one or two feet and she knew to stay away from it. They really aren't horrible if the setting isn't too strong.
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I'm sure everyone will be adjusted to each other soon! If my cats can do it, yours can! Congrats!
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I agree with WC. No scat mat for me! It hurts the kitties!
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Congrads on the new addition.

No Scat cat here or ever. They can have run of the house and furniture. I'll just have to get a throw rug for the new couch I'm getting.....
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Sorry. I just can't see why sending a jolt through a cats body is good. Maybe you could try the good old water pistol? Works for me.
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Congrats on the new furry addition to your family!
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Congrats on the new addition, but I have to agree that the Scat Mat doesn't seem like a very good idea
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I've heard lots of good things about scatmats.

Water pistols don't work at my house. Every cat I've had has liked getting squirted, even those that didn't like water.

Toes even likes the feel of tinfoil under his feet (unlike many cats) so it won't keep him off of things.

I gave up on prevention, though.
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