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I think my neighbor's out door cat has MANGE. Is thhis deadly? What can I do to help her? She scratches all the time and the skin around her ears is covered by a crust. Please help me. My neighbor does not take care of her. What can I do?
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If it is mange it is caused by a parasite and there is an injectable drug they use to control it. If your neighbor is not caring for this poor cat and doesn't care if you do, then a vet visit is the best idea so the vet can do a scraping to be sure it is mange and not something else........poor kitty
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I'll see what I can do. I just finished paying for spaying other two cats in the area. They do not have owners and were females, so I figured that if I was going to start feeding them, I had to make sure they will not multiply, and last month another one of my neighbor's cat cost me $256.00 to end up discovering that he has FIV. Believe me I don't care if I can help these poor animals. They had to remove almost all his teeth due to gum infection and keep him in antibiotics and hydrating him for 7 days. Luckily my vet is very good to me and dit not charge me what any other vet would.
Thank you for your reply and I am going to try some kind of antibiotic cream that my mother used in one of her cats and see how it goes. If she does not get better I guess I will be on my way to the vet on Saturday
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Sometimes ringworm looks like crusty sores. In about 50% of the cases, it will glow under a black light. Regardless of what it is, suggest that you scrub REAL good if you handle the cat before touching any of yours. You can transmit ringworm by touch and there are types of mange that can transmit that way also (at least in dogs).

A skin scrape would be in order to identify what it is. Treatment varies greatly based on what they find.

Good luck!
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