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What do you guys think

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After rezising 4 times I post first what I have to say and try to attach after .
I wanted one more long hair cat for a while and hubby did agree to it . First I wanted one more Selkirk Rex cat from the breeder I got the other 2 from . But I got to thinking about all the babies in the rescue and thought it would be better to give one a furrever home there , then to take one from a breeder . So I got to look and found a rescue of manly Persian cats . I like the one black one they had , but it turned out that Gunner would not do good at a multy cat household at all and so I were placed on her list . Well a few days ago she send me some pics of the new cats she has and I fall in love with the one shaded golden one Named Cookie and a black one his name is Olie . what can I say . I know it is not a good timing with Ginger and all , but I could not resist . So what do you guys think , am I crazzy or what ???
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I got it now by 350x261 and will not take whats wrong ?
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I like Olie
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Love Olie's picture
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Thank you Sicy for helping me . You are a very sweet girl .

I am just not good with the pc .

Sorry the pics are not great , but promiss to make better once when I got the babies in my home .
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Wow you are getting both?
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They are both adorable, I especially love Ollie's face
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yes I am getting both Sicy
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Oh my werd LOL
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Cookie looks a lot like my Mom's Tigger
They're both great looking furbabies.
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thank you guys

I know I really don't need any more cats especialy two . But they both know each other and would be good if place together . And for sure they don't need no more trama in their life .
For sure my house is full now , no more cats will be addet . Thats it .
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Hedi, I know what you mean..I don't need any more cats either, but I still look at Petfinder and torture myself! I told him I absolutely draw the line at 20, LOL.

I know that one day, we're going to walk into the shelter to update Petfinder and there will be an Aby in there, and I will find a way to take him or her home with me!
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OMG I just got a email from her and she could bring them already this Saturday .She has to bring a tortie persian to SC and Savannah is close by , about a one hour trip . So she said she just go ahead and bring them along with her . that is fast , but easy for me and her .

Sue I am glad that you understand me how I feel . I for sure will not look any more on pets finder from now on . That site is of limits for me . And my house is full now . I am just glad that my hubby is adding that one part to the cat enclosure , I sure needet now .
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Yay! Two new kitties... Cookie and Ollie are precious!
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Thank you Sam
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Aww... Hedi. You are an . I am sure Ollie and Cookie will love it in your home and make plenty of friends when that time comes.
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Thank you Sandra

The Lady just emailed me again . So I found out that the 2 persian are afraid of little children and very nerves about them and scared . That was one more reason why she wanted them to have a quick furrever home . I understand that now more why she was so fast with them .
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
I told him I absolutely draw the line at 20, LOL.
Hey Mom.... isn't that what you said at 13 and 15 and 17?

Hedi, I think it's great you're willing to take these babies in. And you have that nice big cat enclosure for all the cats, which helps I'm sure! Congrats! They're both beautiful!
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Thank you mzjazz and yes the cat enclosure will help a lot or I could not do it . That would be to many in the house only for sure .
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Congratulations on your 2 new Kitties, Ollie and Cookie!!
I'm sure they will love their new Home.
Thanks for rescuing them.

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Thank you Sid
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I am sure they will make a wonderful addition to your family! Congrats on the new arrivals.
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Cookie and Olie are beautiful!
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Congrats on your two new beautiful kitties.
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Thank you , thank you and thank you so much .

I cant believe they already come this Saturday I am getting excited now .
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I am so partial to Cookie - my Mom's second girl is also a Cookie. Actually Oatmeal Cookie aka Oatmeal Cookie and the crumbs (the kittens)

Anyway, they ar both irresistable!!
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Thank you Hell603

I found out why they both come into the rescue group .

Cookie's owner was found dead in the home and after looking for Cookie they found him behind the refrigerator .

Olie was one of the 20 cats of a breeder who died on canser in Albany , Ga. . A friend of the breeder placed all the cats in rescue befor the breeder died .

aawww poor babies .
In a little while I will meet the Lady and my new 2 babies , I am excited and sad at the same time becours of Ginger being so sick .
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Awwwww they are pretty
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Heidi I just know that you are going to love those two beauties in your home I think I did read about the breeder that died in Albany somewhere anywho Albany is just 50 miles from me. I live in Thomasville. If you ever get this way we might can get together and meet face-to-face. That would be very cool
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Blondiecat If I ever will come your way , be sure I let you know . That would be fun meeting you and thank you for you offer

Olie and Cookie are both very beautiful . I have not seen much of Cookie yet , he is the shy one of the two . But boy am I in with the black one "Olie" . Yesterday he let me pet him and then he swat at me . But I think it was the sweater I was wearing smelling other cats . At least I hope so that what it was . Well now I am more careful petting him for sure and only on his turns when he come's head bonging me . Cookie was out today too and I even could walk by him with out him being totaly freak out .

I wonder in how many places they were befor they got to me . I know from the lady I got the cats , she got them from a other Lady . The other Lady had 9 cats to place , so I asume she got them from a differend place too . Those 2 must have been bounced around quit a bit I guess . So I need to take my time with them for sure , so they will trust me and warm up to me .
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