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Cute Cartoon

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I found this cartoon in a magazine and thought many of you might be able to relate to this!
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That's exactly where my 3 furbabies sleep too.
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Sex life! What sex life? I have 7 cats that sleep on my bed every night!!!!!!!!
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My husband and I joke that one of our dogs is the best birth control available. He doesn't want me anywhere near my husband - he squeezes between us, the starts trying to push me out of the bed!!
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LMAO , I always wonder why and now I know lol
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Our three hog the bed too!!
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Yup that is a great cartoon.

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this is why when DH is home, no cats allowed in the bedroom anymore. Sorry guys
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Merlin was sleeping across my thighs last night - I couldn't roll. He stays away from daddy because he isn't afraid of tossing him to the floor.
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