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Oh my look at these faces!

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Simply Siamese
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oh they're precious!

I've never had a siamese, but
always thought they were beautiful.
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I like the ones where the markings are almost black! Cool!

I used to babysit a Burmese named Mochie. Such a big sweet boy!
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They look just like mine!!Beautful!!
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Very nice! I like siamese and especially the older, traditional kind.
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So sweet
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Oh Geeze! I WANT them all
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Aw! Cuties!
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They're such cute Meezer's. I'd like one.
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Awwwww they are adorable
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I am the mommy of 2 Meezers. I couldn't live without a Siamese cat in my life. These are such adorabe little babies.
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OMG I love apple heads - they are just so sweet...
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AHH! How sweet! I had a seal point with my exbf. His name was Smokey and just gorgeous. After we broke up, he kept him. I was just informed about 6 months ago he passed on Too many health problems. If I can get pics, I will post!
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Here he is:
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One more!
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Sweet boy- even with red eyes!
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Thank you!! RIP little guy! I regret not taking him with me when I left. Bad situation. But, I knew he was in great hands.
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