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Lite food and dander vs. fat cat and silky?

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My cat is overweight, but on Lite formulas she gets a lot of dandruff. She likes the Chicken Soup formula, and that has a lot of fat in it which I'm thinking is great for her skin, but bad for her weight. I do feed wet food as well, but that just doesn't have the oils and fats in it that her skin needs. I'm wondering if reducing the regular formula is just as good as giving her the light stuff, or (if my other cat agrees...) mixing the food 50reg/50light together. What do you think? What are you experiences?
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There may be other factors causing the dander besides the diet, though feeding inadequate food is one cause of dander, so is keeping the house to dry and warm for the cat's coat to adapt to, excessive bathing, or blow-drying your pet, and parasites will also cause dander.

You want to go to a good quality food. Royal Canin makes a special blend for hair and coat so does Science Diet. To add extra oil to your cat's diet, try cod liver oil or fish oil a little bit at a time until the cat "takes" to it.
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Also, you might want to try Innova Lite. My cat's coat responded very well to that food.
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I would look for a food with lower calories but not a lite formula. As mentioned by Hissy Royal Canin has several formulas that have calories in the lower 300's. California Natural has higher protein and a little lower fat than many other brands and calories in the upper 300's. I was able to get some weight off my fat Bean while using California Natural...the canned formula is lower in calories too.
I think your idea of mixing half lite formula with half regular might work too. I would'nt bother adding extra oils if your goal is for weight loss since this would likely add a considerable amount of calories.
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We mix 50/50 Lite/Reg for the Chicken Soup food here. My problem is that 1 cat is a little overweight, 1 could stand to gain and few lbs and 1 is just right Go figure! Since they all eat together, I mix it that way and so far everything is working ok. My fat cat hasnt put on any more weight but my skinny cat is slowly gaining. They also get an assortment of wet foods about 3 times a week.

I prefer the Chicken Soup because while it is one of the best Ive found, its also easiest for me to get and less expensive. My local market always has it at $1.00 a lb. I havent found a good quality food at that rate anywhere else.
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Thanks everyone for the ideas. Mamakat, I have the same problem here... one is a perfect weight, the other is a overweight. I'm always trying to find something that they both agree on. I think I'm going to switch then both over to Chicken Soup lite, as the perfect weight one barely ever eats dry food anyways (unless he's starving he won't go near it... ). I might try the Innova Lite Wet food....
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