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Our D.T. for tuesday

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I am in a great mood today!

don't know why....could be because I'm going to see an old friend this weekend and show her a bit of my world. She's married & with a 5 and 3 year old. I'm single girl no kids, who is addicted to reality tv & junk food. I'm going to take her to paint pottery... maybe a massage, some shopping. it's going to be fun.

On saturday for the Stevie show I've got another girlfriend driving in (she lives an hour & a half away) and we are getting a car service to take us to the show since it's an hour drive, and so we can drink cocktails on the way.
Then when we get there we are picking up my girlfriend who is the label rep & going out to dinner, then back to see Stevie go on at 8:15, after the show we'll go say hello & then back home. I can't wait.

It's been so long since I've had a girls night. I don't have any close girlfriends that are in close proximity to where I live so it's a real treat for me. It's one of the things I miss most about home. I wish some of you guys lived close to me! I love my guy, but I really need my girl time

also today I AM going to master the cd burner & will hopefully have anyone who's interested a cd out in the mail by the end of the week.

so PM my those addresses! I promise it's going to be good.....

Hope that everyone is having a beautiful, carefree day.

3LK, hope it's not so hot there in St.Louis today...
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Good Morning Airprincess!
So glad you're in such a great mood, and it sounds like you have good reason to be!
I'm envious, your plans sound awesome!
I'm going to do housework, pay a few bills, make a pot of chili, read the forums, and play with the girls.

I'm excited about your cd, am pm'ing you my addy in a few...oh, I guess I'll be making a cover for mine too....that'll take half the day! :laughing:

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Have a great day everybody! I'm going shopping, bake some bread, make spaghetti for lunch/supper.
I coaxed Toby from under the bed. He's downstairs hiding behind the couch in the Family Room from Smoky, who is a threat to all -- except 2 yr old purrson Jaz and her "guard" dog Zeus.
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I've had quite a good day too (it's evening time here). I feel a lot more energetic there days, I hope this means the first trimester woes are behind me.

I've been walking the dog every morning for the last three days. That means gettinp up at 6 AM and out of the house at 6:20 (it's far to hot to walk outside later in the day) seems to get me in a better mood for the whole day. Today I topped myself and had a nesting instinct attack I spent nearly 2 hours doing house cleaning and actually enjoyed it! I even ordered something that's supposed to help you organize closets from the shopping channell (I think it's called hook & hang or something like that).

Yesterday was also very nice - hubby managed to get home before it was too dark and we went to the beach for an hour. We took our dog with us and I got such a kick from seeing her have so much fun...

Have a great day everyone!
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Oh, a girls weekend sounds so fun! I'm looking forward to our ladies retreat for my church in October, although there won't be any cocktails . But I'll be away from the family for a bit.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of my family's move to Texas. We're celebrating with a cookout in Austin. I'm taking the kids to Austin on Thursday, and we'll be gone until the following Tuesday. My husband will come down on Saturday, so will my brother, his wife, and child. It'll be a good time, I'm sure. I'm also going to go shoe shopping, and that's always fun!

Now, just to get through the rest of this week...
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Bathed the horses today. It was 88 degrees no wind, and I decided to use the round pen and do it without halter or lead. Was an interesting experiment to be sure. I think I got dirtier as the bath progressed and also turned out to be wetter in the long run! I had completely sprayed off Racer and turned my back for just a second and when I turned back, there he was rolling in the dirt! Such a doofus, so he had to be sprayed off again. It actually went rather well bathing them without restraint. For the most part they stood still for the spray, but I think when the water trickles down their bellies it tickles em. They looked so purty all cleaned and spiffy. Lasted about 10 minutes before both of them once released rolled in the pasture and got nice and dusty.

Flower (remember her?) was released yesterday! I got an email from the rehab center saying her and 6 other skunks were released into the national forest. Feels good to know she is going back where she belongs in the first place. They kept her for awhile not because she wasn't ready to go out, but because they had no other skunks to release her with.

Well, Mike will be home soon and I have to do dinner. Hope everyone had a wonderful day as well.
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The girls weekend you describe is my idea of heaven! I'd be happy to fly up for one of those (in a seat, to boot). I had a pretty nothing day, as anyone who was here all day can tell. I am in the last week of summer vacation, which is relaxing, but funds are starting to thin up, so it's not like I can buzz around spending a lot of money.

Told my daughter I'd take her to the mall tomorrow. The Warner Brothers store closes for good this week, and everything is half price or better. Picked my son up a really nice Harry Potter polo shirt for 10 bucks. In case there's a Warner Bros. near you, and you buy this kind of stuff, all the stores are closing. In the AOL/Time Warner merger, AOL doesn't want to do retail.
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