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My cat likes to burrow under the covers (or a blanket) that I am under. This is pretty sweet UNTIL I want to go away or pet him. He becomes territorial and will bite anything that comes in there. Any comments on why he does this????
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Is he acting aggressive and growling? Does he break skin? Is it only in the bed??
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Not that this is solving your problem in any way, but to atleast give your skin a break, you may want to try taking the covers completely off of him before making your move. By doing that, he'll be back out in the open and probably less likely for the territorial attack. Good luck.
Eve : )
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Oh he's not that agressive. He definitely doesn't growl. He has only done that once. He hissed at the vet who was giving him another shot :-). Anyway, he doesn't break skin because I don't go there (I am smarter than that)! I'll put a toy in to get him out or yes, just take the blankets off. I was just wondering why he goes there in the first place. And then why he seems agressive/playful. It seems kind of weird. Thanks again.
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It is just the natural instinct in them. Thats why I asked about the agression. He is just in a way, playing with you. He does not know he is hurting you. It is like hide and go seek with pray. I have one cat who does the same thing. If I am not careful he could break skin. Really what you are doing is the only thing. Just take the covers off so it is not a game anymore. He may grow out of it.
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my cat does this too and woe betide who ever doesnt see her in time and walks past. lol

he's acting on his predatory instincts. save your skin and try to avoid him when he's like this if you dont want to play
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Also if you play blanket wars with a cat, this will encourage him to continue doing this. By blanket wars, I mean after you get into bed at night, and your cat is on top of the covers and you start wiggling your feet and hands for him to pounce. If you are doing that, you should stop
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Isis likes to dive into the dirty laundry and hang out, and she'll also burrow under a top blanket. She's not aggressive or anything when you uncover her, but she definetly does not like to be taken out! I just pretty much let her do her thing, but it is freaky to open the closet and have 2 beady little eyes gleaming in the darkness- till she meows and comes out for pets
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Some cats really like to burrow. Willow usually sleeps under the covers with me. I lift up the edge of the blankets, and she crawls in next to me. Spot prefers to be out in the open.

As for the attacking, he could be startled by anything that comes near, and therefore wants to fight it, or he could be trying to play.
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