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Freddie's last days are here

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Freddie is leaving us. He has not eaten since Saturday night, no matter how smooth a broth I make; he has exahusted all his medicine and the leukemia is just taking over now. He is not in pain, but resting with his chicken and beloved red ball he found in the garage the first day he came to us, June 28. We have had his absolutely angelic presence and happiness for 4 short months, and we are hoping for one last miracle to get him to his 8 month BD on 11th. I am taking off work tomorrow to be with him. When I signed on this site in September after the spike upwards in his symptoms, I dreaded posting on this Forum.....my eyes saw it and I shied away from it. But now it is here. This will be the second loss in under 6 months, and the hardest, as he was a gift after the loss of SiSi. We thought a new kitten would be great. And it was. But in the spirit of The Fabulous Frisky Freddie, he would say:
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My eyes welled up with tears as I read your post. My heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry. Freddie was a great and beautiful furbaby. He will always be remembered.

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I too am sorry. Some battles simply cannot be won, no matter how valient the struggle or how great the warrior. I am so very sorry, multiple losses are always so hard to come back from. You are doing the right thing, the hardest thing, you are letting go of this noble creature so he can be free of pain and released at last.
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oh Nora, I am not surprised to see you here. You are so compassionate. You know how brave he was and you saw the other photos I posted. He can feel me thinking of him (Eric is with him all day at home!) and posting his photo while I am at work not paying attention to my job or giving a lick if they fire me for crying at my desk. There is nothing I would not do for him. Nothing. I will buy him a cherry tree tomorow, so next Spring, when the blossoms fly through the air, I can think of him and how excited he would be. And I just read from Hissy too.
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Oh Elizabeth, I'm sure they understand at work. This is your furbaby that you love. I'm sitting at work crying for you. I'm glad that Eric is with him. He is a very brave kitty and the odds were just to high for him. I like your idea about the tree - that is very sweet.
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Sashacat I am so sorry that it has come so far with Freddie and my heart is reaching out to you with tears in my eyes . ((((HUGS)))) I will keep you in my prayers for strengh , peace and confort
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Oh No! I'm listening to music now and I will never feel the same way about this song!

From our emails a few months ago, I realised how much that you loved Freddie and you would help him in whatever way is possible. But you're being strong and I thank you for this! Give Freddie hugs from me.. You are truley an angel for being Freddies friend at this time!

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thank you, my sweets. Sam, how are your studies going? I hope very well. I called home to check on him and he is resting with Eric in bed (Eric is in law enforcement and works nights right now. I use to claw and scream that we never would see each other, but maybe God knew Freddie would need us there for him more....so he made Eric work nights and me work days just so the little guy always has us home). Last night we tucked him between us. Hedi, you take care of yourself and don't forget to be kind to your insides, I say. Make Pennyroyale tea, light sage, talk to the sky, listen to the wind, take a hot bath because nobody can see you cry in the water, stuff like that. My office is pretty understanding, although they think I'm a little nuts....but I'll tell you something, and that is, the people I've met in my life that have no animals have a subtle coldness about them. I've noticed this. I can't quite put my finger on it because they certainly aren't lacking in expressing love to others and it's cruel of me to judge them....but I have noticed that people who don't live with fur, have, well....a coldness about them. I am sorry, but I will speak my mind and it's true. I am going home now and will spend all the time I can with Freddie. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS. 'BYE
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OMG! That poor sweet kitty! I have been following your posts about Freddie since September, and I am so sorry he is losing his fight against this terrible disease! Freddie sounds like such a special kitty and it's really sad that you can only have him for such a short time. After he is gone...he will always be with you in spirit and he will live forever in your hearts...
My thoughts and prayers are with you, Eric and Freddie.
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I am so sorry to hear this. Like many others, I have followed your heroic struggle through your posts, and have kept Freddie in my thoughts, hoping for the best.

You have put forth the greatest effort in securing his health, and in these last hours/days, you are still ensuring his happiness in keeping him in as much comfort as is possible and allowing him a dignified death in familiar surroundings. It is the best that can be hoped for in these unhappiest circumstances.

My heart goes out to you and Eric during this devastating time. Please PM me whenever you need an ear.
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I wish I could express how sorry I am about your loss. I know when Smokey was so sick right before she died you were very kind to me. At that time I had to miss some work to be with her & it's something i'm so glad I did. Know that what's important is not what others think it's that your baby knows in his last days how much you love him & will take that with him over the bridge. I was there for smokeys last few breaths & it's something I would NEVER NEVER NEVER take back & I hope that you too can be there for Freddies. I'll be praying for you.
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Love is the wonderful thing. Both the love you give and love you get. You never lose love, ever.

Freddy's love stays with you always, and your love will stay with him through this terrible time and through it when he's at peace.

I wish you strength and the happiest of memories to sustain you.
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I'm so sorry to about dear Freddie. {{{{Hugs.}}}}

I too have been following the updated on Freddie and hoping he would do better.

His time with you was and still is a blessing for you and Freddie, even though it hurts to see him go. He'll always have a special place in your life and memories. If its any consolation (sp?) he will be watching you from the Bridge (and maybe that little breeze blowing by you), keeping an eye on you and your family - free of his problems and waiting for you. Some say that they can be reincarnated so one never knows if you may see that familiar spark in another kitten.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

You can always PM me too if you just need to talk.
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Im so sorry
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