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I don't know if any of you have heard what's going on with B.C.'s telephone and internet service company but here's the low down.

Some people don't have telephone and everyone is complaining of the generally bad service. 45 min. to an hour on hold is standard. If Telus gets lots of complaints then the CRTC will make them drop their rates and make them credit us money. The CRTC will fine them as well.

This is the site;

and this is the link to complain;

So we still have phone (thank goodness) but we don't have internet. Darrell has been on the phone every single day for an hour each call. We finally got Telus's dial-up service (for free) so while I'm talking to you guys I have no phone. One lady in Duncan died because their phone didn't work and they couldn't call 911. and some other guy opened fire on the Telus Vancouver branch because he was so frusterated with them.

So, if you don't hear from me for awhile it's probably because my internet is down.
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AZ had problems with Qwest and they've been forced to give refunds to everybody, who had their service within a certain time period.

Phone service was MUCH better, before the feds broke up AT&T.

Hope that you're phone service gets better. Bill and I don't even have a home phone. We have such a good family-share plan, with AT&T Wireless and my comp is on broadband so, Qwest can go pound salt!
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