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Friend having a baby in a car!!

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Unbelievable! I just got home from visiting a close friend who gave birth in a car.

Let me summarize what happened.. She started having contractions during church on Sunday (30 min apart)and didn't say anything. I could tell something was wrong cuz she wasn't acting like herself but I thought she was having a bad day or maybe was upset with me about something! By the time she got home from church, the contractions were about 15 min apart so her hubby calle the midwife (plan was to give birth at a birth center with a midwife) to ask if they should wait or go to the birth center. After a few min of discussing this, it was decided that they'd meet at the center. After Steve (hubby) hung up, Davina (preg) collapsed on the floor screaming that she could feel the baby coming. Poor Steve freaked out, grabbed Zachary (1st kid), put him in the carseat in the truck, ran back in to get Davina. By then, he could see that her *** was opening but couldn't see the crown yet. Amazingly, she was able to walk with help to the car. By the time, she got into the car and laid down, the baby was crowning.
Steve drove like a maniac trying to keep his hand on the baby's head to keep him in Davina, checking on Davina via rear mirror (they're deaf so he can't hear her screaming or whatever), try to find the hosp (he changed his mind about the birth center cuz hosp was much closer- he knew that the baby was coming FAST) and check on Zachary.
After driving for a while and not finding the hosp, he pulled into a gas station, ran in (his clothes were covered with blood), cut into the line, knocked hard on the glass partition, wrote a quick note asking where the hosp was then ran off after getting directions. (Imagine what u'd think if u saw a guy covered in blood storming into a place acting like that then run off!?) He started driving again, saw a cop car so he decided to catch the cop.. In the process of getting the cop, he ran some red lights, drove over some medians, cut some drivers off and flashed his lights at the cop. NO WONDER by the time he pulled over with the cop, the cop was storming up to his truck and started yelling! Steve started trying to communicate that they just gave birth but finally had to show her before she realized what was going on. He wanted her to escort them to the hosp but the cop kept gesturing saying "one min" while she spoke on her radio. After a few min, several fire trucks and an ambulance came roaring up with sirens blaring!! Finally, Davina was taken to the hosp with the baby to be checked out while the cop had Steve follow her to the hosp.

EVERYONE are fine now. The baby is GORGEOUS. They decided to name him Cale- one reason is that it stands for "bold"! For sure, he came BOLDLY into the world!

Isn't that an awesome story???
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Holy Moly! Glad to hear that everyone is ok. Sounds like a heck of a wild birth!
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Holy cow! That sounds like something you just hear about on the news! Glad to hear everyone is doing OK. What an entrance!!
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WOW, that is an amazing story!! Thank goodness everyone is fine. Imagine the story they'll tell Cale when he asks about how he was born?! And this is one of those stories that will be continuously told at all family gatherings
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Wow! Amazing story! Thanks for sharing and glad the baby is okay after all that!
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What a great story! I love happy endings.
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Pamela, that is awesome!
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That's scary!!! I'll be giving birth in three months - I think I'll make sure we get to hospital mega early, just to be on the safe side

Glad to hear everyone is ok
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Glad everyone is safe and healthy. That must have been a very scary experience!
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OMG what a nightmare for the husband . I am sure my hubby would have run over the red light too . Bless his heart . I am so glad all 3 are fine and no car excident happen .
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Good God! Thank God they're all fine. I can't think of a more stressful situation for the husband, Zachary and of course poor Davina! The worst part for me would have been the not being able to find the hospital - how stressful is that! I'm glad they're alright now - I would be on the lookout for post-trauma signs with husband and younger child though. Effects may take a while to show up, but it sure sounds traumatic enough to me to trigger some response.
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Wow, what an amazing story!

I have to comment too, that my daughters' name is also Davina. I never ever see it anywhere, so your friend must be special. I love the name, and love the unique-ness of it....thats why we chose it. We wanted her to be the only 'davina' in her school!
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WHOA! What a way to come into this world!
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Whoah! Glad all 3 are fine, and I sure hope when I get pregnant, my delivery won't be "quite as stressful" as Davina's was...LOL! Brave woman though....whew!
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