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I have a favor

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Ok, one of the things the vet mentioned about a cat with a heart murmur is that it is helpful to feed a food high in Taurine (sp?) So I could use some help. I was going to go to the store to compare, but because of the ring worm problem I'm now having I'm super busy. So if you guys could look at the foods you feed & let me know the brand & the amount I would appreciate it. Right now I'm feeding Royal Canin Kitten & it has not less than .200%, but the adult food drops to not less than .15% I'm not sure how this compares to other foods so your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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You als could get the Tauine in pulver form from the health food store (little capsule) and @ that in to wet food . That's what a Cornish Rex Breeder told me when I got Calipso from her .
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You can also buy a powdered vitamin supplement called, The Missing Link, that you could add to your cats food. It does include taurine and other nutrients for their fur.
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Hi Rang - here's what I have:

Fancy Feasts: Taurine 0.05%
Sheba: Taurine 0.05%
Tender Vittles: Taurine 0.1%
Purina One: Taurine 1.5%

Hope that helps.
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I just "Googled" "taurine AND cat food", and came up with seven pages of advertisements (worst culprit: Flint River), before I got kicked out and referred to ebay. According to the AAFCO, kittens and adult cats need a minimum of .25 g of taurine in dry food and .50 g in canned food per 1000 kcal, if that says anything to you. Unfortunately, all the dry food I have is in plastic canisters, and I've thrown out all the bags, with the exception of Hill's rabbit dry food for adults: 1.590 mg taurine per kilogram. As far as canned food is concerned: Innova adult:.09% minimum, Natural Choice pouches for adults:.05% min., and Solid Gold canned "for all life stages": .18%min, so quite a bit more than the other two. The Solid Gold contains tuna, water, tapioca, canola oil and cellulose gum, plus a list of minerals. The dry food is lamb, and is also advertised for all life stages and with all natural ingredients. Sorry - the bag was thrown out a few days ago. Maybe you could check out their website?
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