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Jesus, Mary, and daVinci

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Anyone watching this ABC Primetime special? It is a show delving into the notion that Jesus was in fact married to Mary Magdelene. I am watching it right now. Any opinions on this?
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It's an interesting thought, and probably would have a great impact on all Christian churches IF it were true. But I can't buy the theory "Well, it's possible he had a wife and since it's never mentioned in the Bible that he wasn't married, he must have had a wife (and kids and a bloodline)". I don't think we'll ever know for sure, but it doesn't deserve a TV special (I think this was just a plug for the book The DaVinci Code and the upcoming movie).
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I didn't watch it, although I would have had I remembered it was on.
I have read the DaVinci code, which I thought was somewhat entertaining until the end, which I thought was farfetched & unnecessary to the story.

So, I know how Leonardo DaVinci fit in to the novel, but how did he fit into the program? Did they suppose that he had knowledge on the topic unavailable to scholars? I actually thought the Last Supper painting stuff was a bit farfetched, because the apostle who is supposed to be Mary Magdelene is St. John, who I think was considered to be Jesus's favorite apostle. Omitting him from the painting to me would be just odd.
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I thought parts of the show were plausible. It mentioned early scriptures that were destroyed by the church. That makes perfect sense to me: get rid of something you don't like. Apparently one copy of such scriptures exists and was found in Egypt. I will acknowledge that it has always seemed odd that the narrative of Jesus' life stopped at about age 12 and picked up again years later. I would be interested to read more about this topic.
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I was referring to the novel's ending as implausible, not the show, which I didnt see. I did not want to be more specific in case people read this who are planning to read the novel.

Even of the scripture that everyone acknowledges, there are multiple inconsistant version. I saw an interesting 2 hour program called "Jesus: the Man" that Biography did a few years ago; it was shown on A&E. They referenced the possibility that St. James was the half-brother of Jesus, and also the possibility that he was married to Mary Magdelen.

Interestingly, about 30 years ago, the Vatican acknowledged that the notion that she was ever a prostitute stemmed from the writings of an early Pope, who combined her with some other women mentioned in the Gospels and his own interpretation. So, she is no longer considered to have been a prostitute based upon official Catholic doctrine!
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I watched most of it, and though I think it is interesting in a historical way, I don't think it has any bearing on religion. Who cares if he was married or not, he was still Jesus. Is he any less Jesus because he knocked some boots? Heck according to scriptures he was sent here as a human, and it's part of human nature anyhow so I can't imagine him having not been married.

Ok maybe it would change the Catholic church, but they will cover it up and never admit to it anyhow so unless some huge thing comes out it's not going to change anything. I for one will not have my beliefs shaken just because Jesus hooked up, after all, that would prove even more that he knows the extent of human life and suffering. I don't even see what would have been so bad about him being married anyhow, there was no law saying he couldn't.

Things get twisted through the years, especially with no concrete recorded history from that period. Plus with the language barrier things get misinterpreted and who knows how many times a human has changed something to his liking.

Now I'm starting to wonder if maybe the Catholic Church is leaking some Jesus info to perhaps lead the way to make people more comfortable with the idea of married priests..
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I didn't watch the Primetime special, but a couple of years ago, I watched a two-part Easter program about the life of Jesus. This program also showed Jesus involved with Mary Magdelene. In the program I saw, Jesus broke off the friendship when it was time for Him to go out into the world.

I think that since Jesus was human while He was on earth, He did love Mary Magdelene. But since He is also God, this was really the same love He has for everyone. I don't think Jesus was ever married.
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Technically speaking, I don't believe that it was Jesus's marital or non-marital state that resulted in the Catholic Church not allowing priests to marry. I think the first cited rationale is Jesus asking his apostles to leave their families to follow him. I'm sure there are a variety of other theological arguments as well. Since most US Catholics are in favor of priests being allowed to marry, I doubt the Vatican is using a novel and a tv show to introduce that as a concept.

The ability to actually prove what happened in one person's life two thousand years ago is virtually impossible at this point, especially after two thousand years of differing interpretations of Christianity. I think the appearance of any 'new' historical documentation at this point would be very difficult to authenticate, whatever it said.
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I find the notion to be fascinating. While I am a firm believer in Christ, I have little or no doubt that religions have included history to suit their own purposes and agendas. There will never be any conclusive proof after 2000+ years, and I think it is up to each individual to consider the validity of the claim. I have also read of St. James, the half brother of Jesus. I find it more intersting to consider that if Mary Magdalene did in fact bear a child of Jesus that He could conceivably have a human bloodline here on Earth,
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Every translation and interpretation of Scripture has been subject to the personal beliefs and prejudices of the translator. When the currently used version of the Bible was compiled, a large number of books were omitted, because the church hierarchy didn't want some scriptures to be widely disseminated.

Probably, the most accurately translated parts are the Books of the Old Testament. Those books have been carefully kept and handed down, for five thousand years and the Hebrew language hasn't died or changed very much, in all of that time.

The New Testament was written in so many languages: Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. Mistranslations were bound to occur.
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