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Am I a BIG SUCKER or what???

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I can't believe this! I am sitting here in my bedroom with the door closed and keeping all of my 4 babies out of the bedroom.. Do u know why?????

BECAUSE I GOT SUCKERED INTO BRINGING ANOTHER CAT HOME! This is only temporary.. What happened is that apparently this lady has a older cat (9 yr old) and about 3 months ago, decided to adopt a stray cat who was starving. For the last 3 months, the new cat (TAZ) kept picking on her older cat. Her older cat stopped eating, drinking, playing, etc so the owner knew she needed to find another home. My friend contacted me to see if I could check with a rescue organziation I had worked with before to see if anyone could take this cat in. Today, I heard of this and sent an email to my contact person at the organization. Within an hour of sending the email, my friend called all upset and hysterical. Basically her JERK boyfriend threw a fit and told her that she had to get rid of TAZ TODAY! She was going to take Taz to the pound. OF COURSE I COULDN'T PERMIT THAT TO HAPPEN. Due to the urgency of this, I finally told my friend to bring her friend and Taz to my work today and I'd foster Taz until I heard from the cat organization.

So that's how I ended up sitting here wondering what the heck I have gotten myself into!
Taz is about 7 months-1 yr old, black/white tux and very very friendly male cat. He has had all of his shots but have not been fixed yet. I am CROSSING my fingers that the organization can take him soon since I am BROKE and I JUST SHAMPOOED MY BEDROOM CARPET FOR THE 5TH TIME to get rid of the urine smell from the previous stray cat and her litter I had rescued..

Do I have a sign that says "I'M A SUCKER FOR CATS.."???:goodbad: Sigh.....

He's CUTE though! I will borrow my work dig camera and take some pics of him hopefully tmr and post here. PLS send me positive vibes that my cats won't be mad at me, that Taz won't have any accidents/cause damage here, that the organization can take him and that he can find a new GREAT home soon.. Poor Taz..

Sigh.... He's rubbing against my legs right now. JEEZ!!! I"m a sucker.. I'm a sucker.. I'm a sucker...I CAN'T adopt another cat.. I CAN'T ADOPT ANOTHER CAT.. many of my friends are saying I should keep him since he'd match my colors (cat colors).. Friends aren't supposed to say that! Right???
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Sounds like something I would do. I need another cat like I need a hole in the head.LOL.
Good luck and thank you for taking the little guy in.Hopefully you can find him a good home very soon.
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LOL! Bless you for taking the cat in though without letting him go to the pound!
Sending you positive vibes that he doesnt pee or poo and does not destruct anything!
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Pics please
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Oh my!! No, not a sucker - definitely a wonderful person with a BIG HEART! That is just great of you to take this poor cat in, when there weren't any options available.

Sending tons of positive vibes your way for everything to turn out ok and for no damage to be done. Keeping my fingers crossed for a furrever home soon for Taz.

Although your friends are right, he IS a tux No, no....bad friends.
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You're not a sucker...you're a SWEETHEART!!!!
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If that makes you a sucker then I LOVE suckers!

I'm glad you jumped in to help save Taz. That makes you a great human being, not a sucker.
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tell me about some more being a sucker , I know how it can go "sight"....

Well he sure sounds like he is matching your colors . Good luck with him .
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Yeah, you're a sucker.... but a very wonderful and caring sucker! You're an angel for helping out with this kitty.
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I don't know if the sign over your (and mine, and so many of ours here!) house says "Sucker" so much as "Person who loves and would never hurt cats. SAFE HAVEN!"

Bless your heart for taking him in. I've been in the same position. How do you say no?
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Bless your heart for taking him in! Sucker? No...just a true cat lover!
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Hello! I just got home from visiting my friend who had her baby in a car. That's another LONG INTERESTING story which I won't go into at this time. Anyway, my cats are going crazy at the door so I know they're very curious about Taz.

Taz is a DARLING. He's very affectionate, playful and CUTE.

I just got an email from the cat organization I worked with before and they have NO room for another cat. I guess I will have to email friends and beg to see if anyone would adopt him. (Will also advertise- will screen before finalizing adoption).

Keep ur fingers crossed for us that he can find another home SOON before I fall in love more...

I am NOT listening to my friends... I am NOT listening to them about keeping him... It wouldn't be fair to my 4 babies-I've noticed they are pretty passive WIMPS and won't stand up for themselves and Taz is pretty aggressive so I'm afraid that he'll terrorize them like he did with the owner's older cat.. It wouldn't be fair to Taz either.

I am trying to decide and would like ur advice on this. I HATE the thought of making Taz sleep alone in my bedroom BUT at the same time I don't want to neglect my cats. Should I sleep with Taz in my bedroom tonite then take turns sleeping on couch with my cats? Or what?
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*bump! Need advice about where to sleep tonite! Jeez now I sound like a real loser..
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Do you have a differend room besides your bedroom to place him in ? That may would be the best , then your baby's could sleep with you . If not then I would sleep with my baby's so they wont get to absad about the hole thing , unless they are used to it then you can sleep with him . This is really a hard one though ...... I would get him over night in a bathroom with something to snuggle in ..... or a other room and something to snuggle with would be better .
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Pamela, I hate to tell you something you don't want to hear.... But I have 5 cats now. And one of them is a pretty aggressive one. They all manage fine!
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If it were me, I'd give Taz some playtime before bed and sleep outside with your other four. I'm sure they're going to be confused why they're being shut out of mommy's room to begin with, so having you outside with them might help that. And Taz will be fine by himself for the night. I'd make him a little bed out of blankets or towels or something (that he'll probably ignore and sleep where he wants anyway ) I'd also check on Taz during the night if you can to double check everything is okay with him.
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I live in a TINY basement apt - one bedroom, one livingroom/kitchen/dining room and a bathroom so I can't put him into another room. Most of ur advice have been pretty much the same so I'll sleep on the couch with my 4 cats while Taz has the run of my bedroom. I will try to check on Taz during the nite.

I brought in one of the toys where the mouse runs around in a circle (run on batteries) and he kept jumping up in the air whenever he'd stick his nose close and get smacked by the mouse. It was funny to watch.

Keep sendng me positive vibes that I can find him a good home ASAP. I am a bit STRESSED now cuz he's not fixed and someone warned me that male cats who aren't fixed tend to start spraying at the age of 6 months-1 yr old! I have NO money to get him fixed NOW.. Hmmm...

Will keep u posted. Maybe I'll borrow some money from a friend to get him spayed. Keep ur fingers crossed for me.
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Pamela, I hate to tell you something you don't want to hear.... But I have 5 cats now. And one of them is a pretty aggressive one. They all manage fine!
I have fostered a cat before and she was very agressive.. Poor Zebra started hiding behind the couch and refused to come out- started eating less and less so I knew she was very unhappy with the agressive cat sooo that's why I don't think it'll work with Taz.. the boys would run and cower whenever they saw the agressive cat coming out of the bedroom..Also, 4 cats is perfect for me so I don't want to mess with the dynamics. Grin.
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hey pamela,

u r a real sucker... well, hang in there. I've got not much of advice to offer cos I know how it feels with no cash and an extra cat to feed. Taz will find a good home soon.
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Originally posted by Pamela
This is only temporary..
Yeah, right!

Do I have a sign that says "I'M A SUCKER FOR CATS.."???:goodbad: Sigh.....

PLS send me positive vibes that my cats won't be mad at me, that Taz won't have any accidents/cause damage here, that the organization can take him and that he can find a new GREAT home soon.. Poor Taz...
~~~~~positive waves coming atcha~~~~~

I"m a sucker.. I'm a sucker.. I'm a sucker...I CAN'T adopt another cat.. I CAN'T ADOPT ANOTHER CAT.
You are a person with a big heart! You're heart will guide you to the right decision!!

Good luck with your dilemna.....from a person that has faced your dilemna many times before!
(you CAN keep him)
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Pamela, if the definition of sucker is someone with a big caring heart, then yes you are a sucker! He sounds like a sweetiepie! Good luck in finding him a furrever home!
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Quick update- Taz is doing okay. I slept on the couch and only Buddy would sleep with me. The other 3 were too upset with me and refused to come near me.

This morning, I checked on Taz and tried to play with him for half an hour before leaving for work. Could tell he feels lonely and doesn't like being left alone in the room.

I took a toy that he played with and brought it out of the room thinking maybe I'd have my cats sniff it so they'd get used to his smell a bit and to my surprise, Zebra ATTACKED POOR BUDDY. Poor buddy was just being curious and sniffing but Zebra went crazy and attacked poor Buddy. Luckily, I was able to stop it before too much fighting happened but Buddy kept hissing at me for like half an hour!

I'll take some pics of Taz tonite and post here. ANYONE WHO lives in VA, DC or MD and might be interested in adopting Taz OR know of someone who might be interested, pls contact me ASAP.
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Good Luck in finding Taz a home.

BTW we want pics!!!!!!!
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I FINALLY got some good pics of Taz! It's hard to take good pics of him cuz he's always on the move. Have to wait till I get to work tmr to download the pics then post here...

He just ripped a ball to pieces within 5 min. Couldn't believe my eyes!

He seems to be doing okay. As soon as I get pics up, I am going to post pics of him on petfinder, email my friends, and advertise around to see if I can find him a home ASAP. I've also decided to go ahead with getting him fixed even though I'm BROKE. Will use my credit card if there's enuff money left on it then I won't have to worry about him spraying in my apt.
Keep ur fingers crossed that everything will work out and he'll find a home SOON.
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I took some pictures and wasn't sure where to post them so I decided to post them in fur pictures so go on over to fur pictures tocheck Taz out...Wait a few minutes while I download the pics onto that forum...
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MAN! When I got home tonite, I immediately put vanilla extract on TAZ then proceeded to put on all of my cats (Buddy was HISSSSSING his head off at me while I was touch ing him). After I did this, I let Taz out of the bedroom and watched as he checked things out. After about 10 minutes, Zebra decided to HISS and swat at him so I decided to put him back in the bedroom for a while then try again in a few hours.

I know he HATES being cooped up in my bedroom (no windows in bedroom) so I'm trying to see if my cats can allow him to mingle with them if I supervise them so he can get a break from being in the bedroom while I look for a new home for him.

Have posted an ad on Petfinder and some other sites. Keep fingers crossed!!
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Pam...similar story here - as you'll see in my signature, i got my 3rd, Max, from a lady that was going to take him to a kill shelter because her grandchildren had just moved in and they were allergic! I couldn't let that happen either...and my mom called me a sucker. .Thought for a while that I would have to give him up, due to non-friendly feelings" between Max and Mocha, my DLH, but now I'm hopeful that they are settling down somewhat...we shall see....Anyway, what's funny is that I'm still drawn to possibly taking on another and have to stop myself...lol
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I just called SPCA to make an appt to have him neutered and asked about the possibility of them helping me find a home for him. They said YES if I will foster him and take him to adoption fairs!! I asked them what their adoption criterias are and am very impressed with their screening process!!

The location where they tend to have adoption fairs have a high percentage of cats being adopted so they're sure that we can find a home for TAZ!! They also said that I don't have to stay all day- that I can hand him over to the person in charge of the adoption fair and he/she'll take care of him during the day then I come to pick him up at the end.

I really like that plan because I was very worried about the issue of communicating- I can speak somewhat clearly but often hearing people gets nervous about communicating with deaf people and I am not too good at lipreading people that I just met- as I get to know people better, I am able to lipread them easier and more accurately.

AND they said they wil take care of the neutering costs since they will work with me to find a home for him!! I feel soooo relieved because I am very very tight with money right now.

I think their next adoption fair is very soon so keep ur fingers crossed!
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That is fantastic that they are being so helpful! He is a lucky little guy to have come into your life!
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I wissh you the best of luck, Pamela, with finding a new home for the little guy..and I'm glad that the SPCA are being so accommodating!
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