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stupid video store

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I rented a movie a couple weeks ago from Hollywood video and somehow one of the movies I rented they said I didnt return. I am very p'd at them. I talked to the store and wrote the headquarters an email.

has this ever happened to anyone before? how did you get it resolved? I KNOW for a FACT that I do not have it anywhere in my house, or my car. If I wanted this movie, which was kind of lame to begin with, I would have just bought it.
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I used to own a video store, and this type of thing happened a lot. It was usually a case of the customer returning the wrong tape in the right box (easy to do) or leaving the tape in the machine and forgetting about it. Or having someone steal the tape from the box in front of the store (not that easy to do unless the box was full) but then usually they took the whole case and tape together. I suspect you put one of your tapes in by accident? Maybe you can do a quick check of your jackets at home and see, or call the store and ask them if they have any videos not store property and ask the names of them. (I used to have my employees throw them in a large box) I wouldn't sit on this, until the proper tape is found, those late charges will accrue and they are killers.

If you do everything suggested, then go to the store, keep your attitude in check and talk to the store manager and explain, you will probably get a discount on it, but she will (depending on policy) have to ask you to buy a new tape to cover the loss of the old one.

Good luck!
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I returned a video one time with some my sis-in-law had rented and the store claimed I had not returned it. I looked everywhere at home did not have it. Went to the store and checked the shelf where the movie was at and then asked how many copies of that movie they kept in stock which was 2. Well I said you have that on your shelf and I did return that movie so please take it off my account. thank you!! and they took it off.:martian:
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Did you return it while the store was closed? I know from working in a video store before that they will hold you responsible if they cannot find the tape. Do i think its fair? No,but i guess they have to hold someone accountable. I hope this gets resolved for you
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i hope so too, i had a school library do that to me once, i turned the book in,and they couldn't find it and wanted to hold me accountable. for over 2 months, they harrassed me and my mother about it and we refused to pay. then one day, they forgave the fee as it turns out the the book fell under the check out counter through their own mistake. STUPID STUPID STUPID. they insisted i never turned it in and then it turns out they were the ones who lost it, nice huh?

anywho, something really silly like that may have happened as well, i just think that it stinks that video stores pass the buck like that sometimes....
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I used to work at Blockbuster. Yes, this happens alot. You may have even returned to it another location.... you can call around and see if they got it. Most video stores will call the video store that the video came from if they get it, some nights they are too busy and forget to call.

Just a suggestion.

It could also be sitting on the shelf. The check in person may have missed it when scanning in the other videos returned that night.
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I had a bunch of late fees racked up under my name one time and I new I had never been late with a movie, ever...turns out that they had two people in their files with my last name...one was my sis-in-law and it was she who was late with the movie, not me...they did get it straightened out then. I hope you get this worked out!
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It's happened to me before. Twice! Once it was one of those situations Hissy described. I returned the right case with one of my own movies by mistake. The other time I knew I did return the darn thing. I even had my daughter and a neighbor that were with me and I told them I had witnesses. I just put up a big fuss to the manager and they ended up taking the charges off.
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Well, I am very calm about this, it just gets me. I am sure we returned it to the right store, we usually rent in threes and that time was no different. Im sure we dont have it in another jacket. I am not sure what time of day we returned them. I called the manager today and she said that she would be willing to wait until the end of the month when they do store inventory and then they will see. maybe I should just pay the stupid fee and get it over with. even thought it is their fault.

I'll call and ask if they have someone with the same last name, or similar, that they might have gotten mixed up with. Thanks everyone.
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Just to CYA call the manager back and tell her that you agree to wait till inventory and also ask her to put a freeze on the late fees if she hasn't already.
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That happened to me in highschool when I was graduating and didn't return a school property text book that I had returned. I had to look through about 300 of them to find mine, clearly marked with my name and number, in the teacher's closet, LOL. And they were going to stop me from graduating because of that..
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Well, I emailed the headquarters and they forwarded my comments to the District Manager, and she called the store and they went ahead and checked in the movie. I asked if they found it and the D.M. said no, that it was a customer courtesy (that in itself irks me, that they still think I stole it, oh well). No late fees either. I am impressed with Hollywood at the speed of their response though.

So, if anyone has any issues with any store, it really helps to go to the top. This has been such a big weight off my shoulders. This kind of stuff just really stresses me. But I didnt lay down for them, no way. I know I am in the right.

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