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My Vet Passed Away

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I just found out that my vet passed away a few months ago. I found out because I called to bring my new kitten in for a check up and the phone was disconnected. I drove by and it was up for sale. I called another vet close by and they told me that he had passed away. I also inquired about how to obtain my other two cats records, and they said that they had no idea how to do that.

Anyone ever have this happen to them?

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That's very sad I remember a thread like this before so I dont think you are alone.
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Daniela's (dtolle) vet passed away not long ago also. She might know how you can go about getting the veterinary records, you could try sending her a pm.
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This just happened to me as well a few weeks ago. But luckily for me, the office is still open ( the vet had a technician and another veterinarian that worked there too ).

I haven't gotten my records yet, since they are still seeing animals right now. I have no idea how you would go about getting your records if the office is closed. Perhaps check w/ the local Better Business Bureau, or the Attorney Generals office.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your vet. (and yours too Daniela, I didn't know)
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