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November the 5th, it rained all last night, and it didn't freeze! I was so afraid we would have ice everywhere this morning. It's been icky and misty all day today, but it should be nice and sunny again tomorrow. ...all the snow we got yesterday is already GONE!!! Wooooohooooo!!!!!

Originally posted by annabelle
I have a bad feeling this will be a rough winter once it starts.
According to the weather predictions for this winter, you're right! Enjoy the warmer temperatures while you can, and have a nice day!
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No probs Sherral.

It's absolutely beautiful here today, after school, my mates & I were planning on going to the beach, but nah I had to hurt my hand.
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Hmmm. Nov 4. Unusually cold here. It'll be below freezing tonight, so they say -- -2 or -3 (Celsius, that is). It's been cold, but brilliant blue skies for a couple of days. The tomatoes and beans finally packed it in the other night, but the nasturtiums will probably keep on keepin' on for a while -- perhaps all winter like last year? Dunno.
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