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Flea Meds not working..

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I treated my cat with advantage on oct 22, but he still has fleas. At first they seemed to go away, but now he's scratching again and i actually saw one today. Is it dangerous to put more advantage on him so soon and if so is there anything that I can do? He's indoor/outdoor due to my living situation so I can't really keep him away from fleas right now, I figured advantage would work even for cats that go outside. Any ideas?
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If you always use advantage, it is a good idea to switch out to either frontline or another brand because the fleas will build up a resistance to them.

I heard about a new product the other day called "Flea Treats" I do not know if they work, but they are treats you feed your cat once a day to stop fleas. I am tempted to buy some and try it for my ferals, because I hate putting chemicals on my cats and these treats look like they are mostly holistic.

Here is the website

Flea Treats
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Wow- those sound awesome. I'd love to try them on my kitties, they hate having Advantage put on.

If you do decide to give them a try, MA, let us know if they worked. You have the ultimate testing grounds there
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Thanks That was actually the first time I ever used any kind of flea meds on him, so I was wondering if I may have applied it wrong or something, but it seemed kind of impossible to misunderstand. I just parted his fur on the back of his neck and rubbed it onto his skin.. Unless the batch was bad or something?

It seems that those flea treats are just treats infused with a B vitamin complex, so would it be safe to draw the conclusion that the B vitamin is what keeps the fleas away? If so, I wonder what a healthy dose would be daily?
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