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Whiska's cat food

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I have seen that new Whiska's wet food advertised on tv; it is the stuff in the pouch with little chunks of meat. Have any of you fed this to your cat and did they like it? I am thinking of trying some.
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For awhile I was using it. It was very easy and conveniant. I liked it. Well for the cats that is! But as I started getting more kitties it was less costly to buy cans which have more in them and are a bit less costly. My cats seemed to love it though. And I loved the fact that there was no messy cans to clean up afterwards for the recycling.
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I've tried it for my cats to and they seem to like but like Kezzer said theres not not as much food in there like the cans.
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I give it to my cats as a treat when it is on sale. My cats love it.
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I use it when I travel to cat shows as it takes up less space in my luggage and I can use all the space as I go shopping when I go to shows. Rene and the rest of the crew can vouch on the part of me needing space in my luggage. Anyway, my cats love it.

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Ummm... YEP she definatley needs space!!!

OH wait.... I uh am part of the crew.. right frannie.. right...


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Frannie...I honestly dont know how you fit it all into one bag. Of course thats fine as long as there's never enough room to steal one of my babies
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I bet SHE knows she's part of the crew..
Doesn't she

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Ken stop sniffling. You are a big part of the gang. You keep me going in the Judging ring. How can I do without you? As for you Sandie, I won't steel the baby, just tell you that I want to borrow him/her for a while. Don't worry, you can always come to visit to pick him/her up.

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My two cats eat the pouches all the time and they love it. I think they are great too because we don't get anywhere near the waste we did with tinned food.

They also eat Hills Science Diet biscuits which they adore, and they fall out with me if I run out!
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Would it be safe for Scooter? He is only 9 weeks old; Right now I am feeding him Neutromax kitten canned (has more flavors than Iams does!) as a treat every other day.
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Well they do a kitten pack of the Whiskas pouches too so that would be fine for Scooter. Try them and let him decide!
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So how does the quality of Whiskas compare to something like Science Diet? My kittens are on Science Diet right now, but they don't seem to care much for it. I think they'd rather eat the dry food.
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I bought the Whiskas once, and neither one of my cats even licked it. They sniffed and backed away really fast. I'm sticking to the Premium stuff, Iams...Science Diet...My vet always asks what I'm feeding to make sure that they have the proper nutrition.
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My Eric likes it a lot especially the pouch variety - I only give it as a treat together with those little peel-off boxes of Whiskas and Sheba.
I don't know if it's premium quality but I've more than once complained about the limited choice of pet food in Bulgaria.
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I introduced Jake to the pouches and he gobbled them in five minutes. I like the pouches better than the cans because unlike cans, you just pour the food in the dish and jake will eat it. With cans, I had to give Jake half a can and put the rest of the food in a separate container in the fridge. Then when it was time to feed him again, I'd take it out of the fridge, warm it in the microwave, then give it to him.
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A friend of mine feeds her 20 year-old cat Whiskas pouches exclusively. He likes them. Cat Fancy recommends you don't feed an all wet/soft food diet. They think dry food is better for the teeth and gums.
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Originally posted by Deb25
A friend of mine feeds her 20 year-old cat Whiskas pouches exclusively. He likes them. Cat Fancy recommends you don't feed an all wet/soft food diet. They think dry food is better for the teeth and gums.
I think it's because dry food has more nutrition per weight, whereas wet food has more water. Dry food IS good for the teeth though. Helps clean the plaque.
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I feed my girls Cagney (2 1/2 yr's) and Lily (4 1/2 mo's) Whiska's pouches as a treat about every other day. They love it!
The rest of the time I free feed them NutroMax kitten dry food. They both like it, and since Cagney is 5 weeks pregnant, the kitten formula gives her a little extra nutrition for her babies

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