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Nursing Cat Bloated and Crying [help!]

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Around a month ago my cat gave birth for the first time to six kittens and has been taking care of them in our laundry room since then. 


But starting around 4-5 days ago I noticed her belly was getting a bit bloated and she would be twice as hungry than usual. I thought maybe this was because she had breast milk building up in her and she needed more nutrients. But today she came running out of her room breathing heavy, crying, and tried to pounce at one of my pet birds! 


I gave her a can of tuna and she ate the whole thing, but now she's laying down on her stomach (which is now very bloated and firm) and doesn't want to move anymore. 


Help please! Her kittens still need her, and she's getting worse everyday. I've considered she might be pregnant again- but she's been inside the house the whole time, and hasn't been exposed to any other male cats. :C Also her name is Charcoal and she's only about 2 years old.

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She needs to see a vet ASAP.
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Vet...NOW!  This is not something to play around with.

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@Kessa as the others have said this sounds like an emergency, vet visit ASAP.  Are the kittens nursing? If not then we need to discuss bottle feeding immediately, and how to safely do this.

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