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Cat attacked by pack of dogs!

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Hello everyone,


A few days ago, my cat was outside, and a few dogs got into my yard and attacked her. They sounded very vicious and i started banging on the door to scare them away. For 2 days my cat was missing, and we thought she was a goner. 


Yesterday, she showed up at home, meowing an rubbing up against us. As happy as we were, we were still concerned after what had happened,and she is a bit beaten up - patches of fur missing, one teeth puncture, dried blood on her side, and she has a hard time jumping up or down from furniture.  We carried her to the vet and after a full examination, she was given antibiotics and pain killers.


Now she is sleeping A LOT, much more than usual. She started back eating a little more this morning, and drinking water. I'm just worried that she is sleeping SO much. Is this normal, as she may need the rest to heal? 


Any advice will be appreciated,


Thank you!

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Hi :wavey:


I'd give your vet a call and ask him or her if they think this is normal and could be a side effect of the antibiotics.  It is good that you are seeing some improvements (like her eating more) but I'd definitely give your vet a call and discuss this. Since they pretty much just saw her, they should be willing to answer these straightforward questions on the phone and let you know if you need to be concerned or come back in. 


So glad she came back to you!

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Painkillers can cause them to be extremely sleepy, especially Buprenex. It's always best to call the vet though. Also you may want to monitor her temp if your able to.
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Hopefully your cat is better now, the sleeping all the time could be from the medicine. Please if you can keep your kitty inside and don't let them out.  My one cat died when I was 6, my mom let him out all the time and he got FeLV because he was bitten by another animal, we had to take him in and put him down.  I still miss mittens. 

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