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Sooo... a kitten just showed up on my doorstep and he's the greatest except that he tortures my adult cat!  She's not super old (almost 4), and as a kitten she had a playmate, but she's been the "only cat" for a while.  They've gotten to the point where they can co-exist, share litter box, water bowl, etc., unless the kitten is in hyper-mode which is when he just attacks her all the time!  The vet thinks he's about 8 weeks old now, so I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better... I've had him for a couple of weeks, and as much as I love him, it makes me sad that my adult cat doesn't want to cuddle and basically sticks to herself all the time now.  Advice??  I definitely did not choose the situation I find myself in, and I'm afraid that the age difference is too much to overcome..

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I think your kitten just needs some playtime cause he's bored and the only toy he has to play with is your other cat. Tire him out with different toys, (use strings, catnip mice, toys that make noise, and my cats' favorite- a laser pointer). If you're the one to play with him then he's less likely to bother your other cat to play. When my 2nd cat was a kitten, she would constantly attack my elderly cat cause she needed someone to play with, I solved it by getting her a new playmate. But if you aren't able to do that, playing with her yourself is the next best thing :)

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you most probably saved his life there... I had a similar situation, only that the kitten in question showed up under the hood of my car instead of my doorstep and the adult one refused to interact with him at all. Then you just have the usual kitten behavior:fireblob.giffireblob.giffireblob.gif

What helped in my case (instantly) was a second kitten.

If you don't want to go that way, I'd suggest cat trees and toys - as many as possible ;), and probably even more important, as much playtime with you as you can manage:) 

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Thanks for the advice - all the stuff I read online said that this situation is really hard to make work (b/c of the age difference), so it's good to hear that there is hope.  I really can't get another kitten - my allergy situation is iffy as it is.  When do you think Emmie, my older cat, is likely to "forgive" me?  She used to always hang out with me, but now that there's the kitten she spends all her time in the spare room by herself.  I get that she wants to stay away from him b/c he bothers her, but I just hope she isn't super-unhappy.  She only acts normally when he's put up in his "room."

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When he's up in his room, spend lots of time with Emmie.  How long have you had the kitten?


We brought older cats into a house with five year old cats.  It took time, but our resident cats learned to tolerate them, despite the new cats being much older and taking time away from their humans.  :) 

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I've had him 2 and a half weeks, which I know isn't very long.

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