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Eye wipes

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Anyone use these? I have a few times, and for some reason yesterday, when I did wipe my kitties' eyes with them, my girl got a little white discharge after a few hours and I flushed out her eyes with water, and I found some more discharge this morning and flushed with water again. Why could this be? My boy is absolutely fine. She didn't react the other times I've used them on her..... anyone? Thanks!
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Never used them, I would look on the package see if there are any warnings and either call the company or if the discharge continues, call the vet. I am always leery of things that you use to short cut good old fashioned care. Warm water and cotton balls, and eye flush works for me.
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I also don't use them. The only thing I wipe their eyes with is a soft towel, or cotton ball with warm water. Two things could have happened. She could have had a reaction to something in the wipes, or she has an infection. If it's not cleared up from 2 days after the first sign of discharge, I would have the vet take a look.
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