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Cats and new carpet

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HELP! Both my 2 1/2 year old cats have been spayed and neutered and I have had no problems with them urinating anywhere except the litter box - except the day I accidentally left the door open to the guest bedroom - the only room in my home they have never had access to. I assumed it was the male that urinated and figured I might as well leave the door open now that it was "marked" but it happened several more times and I'm not really sure where. (Just read about the blacklight flashlight. What a great idea for locating the stains!). I am so naive. I didn't know "fixed" cats marked their territory - nor did I know female cats do it, also. My major problem now is that I am having my entire home recarpeted soon and don't know what to do. Will they mark the entire house????
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Good Question - Just had my whole house recarpeted in May and NO PROBLEM with Loki.
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I assume you read this thread about stopping inappropriate urination? As you see in the thread, it is always wise to have the cat checked for urinary tract problems whenever there is inappropriate urination.

If your cats are healthy, I would buy several Feliway Comfort Zone diffusers. This emits a calming pheramone that mimics the friendly facial markings of cats. I would plug these in in every room that is getting new carpet. I would also (just to be on the safe side) buy a bottle of Feliway spray, and then spritz a bit on the carpet near the walls. My bet is that this will keep the cats from marking the new carpet. (You can buy the diffuser and spray at any PetsMart or other pet supply store).

Good luck!
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Thanks so much for replying. I think I read somewhere that giving them carpet samples to smell before they come back to the newly carpeted house might also help??? Will definately buy the above mentioned products. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Giving them cuttings from the carpet is a great idea. I'd give it a shot.
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