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Over the last two months (almost).. I've noticed that my boys have definitely developed some personality. I hope you guys don't mind me talking about them for a bit?

Like I've said before... Drew is more of Craig's baby than mine He is so comical :laughing: He absolutely LOVES water and even more so.. the sound of running water. Whenever Craig or I get ready to take a shower and turn on the water.. he go flying into the bathroom as fast as his little legs will carry him.. and jumps on the edge of the tub. Then he watches the faucet with such curiosity and concentration. Then he manages to balance on the edge of the tub on his back feet and swings at the running water coming out of the facet.. getting his little paws wet. While we are in the shower he gets on the edge of the tub and sits there and watches us. We have a clear shower curtain so he tries to swat at the "flying" water through the curtain. It's so cute! He also has a very unique meow. You wouldn't expect it from him .. he's the biggest and most robust of the three and he has the most soft and gentle meow. It's adorable!

Jake is a handful. He also enjoys water.. not as much as socks.. but he enjoys it. I was taking a nice relaxing bath.. when Jake gets on the edge of the tub and acts like he wants in my lap. So.. being very careful I slowly lower him to my lap to see how he reacts. He just sat right down in the water in my lap and snuggled. I was shocked... and Jake is soooo well tempered. Its amazing. When Craig and I get home from going out shopping or eating or something.. Jake comes running down the stairs at lightspeed meowing at the top of his lungs and running to either of us... wanting attention and acting like we were gone for years. It's a good feeling to be missed like that.

Sebastian is well different. He keeps to himself and typically plays alone.. or sits back and watches Jake and Drew play together. When he wants love he's very persistent and loves to snuggled, suck on your ear, and rub his face all over yours. Every now and then he gets in this moods.. its like he gets really hyper.. and then he goes nuts and starts playing with the other two and he doesn't exactly play lightly. He likes to run around chasing things when he gets in those moods. It's quite entertaining to watch.

Those are my boys.. and typically when they aren't doing one of those things.. they are eating or sleeping. Sorry for talking about em so much.. but I had to share with someone! The only person I typically see is Craig and our room-mates.. I don't know anyone here and have no friends.. so I come here to share my stories.

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I don't mind hearing stories about your cats! I have stories to share, too!! Even sometimes I talk to my husband about our cats, sometimes he doesn't really seem interested. But, oh well!

All of our cats have different personalities! Fluffy, our 4 year old domestic is a goofball!! She doesn't really play with us, but plays with herself. :tounge2: She has a favorite furry mouse that she plays with. When she wants attention, she puts it in her mouth and meows! I can't explain what it sounds like, but it sounds like she is hurting!! When you throw her toy, she just looks at it!! We call her our "little cow" because she resembles one. I don't know how much she weighs (will find out on Thursday), but she has to weigh over 15 lbs!!

Cinnamon, is 4 years old, too. We call her our "bunny rabbit". She hops like a bunny rabbit when she jumps from the cat post to our bed. She is such a little "lovey-dovey"! She is always "paw dancing" on me whenever she can get a chance! :rednose:

Now, Scooter, Tigger and Gizmo have seperate personalities. Tigger is a little shy and we call her a "special-needs" cat because of her shyness. She loves when you play with her solo, but when the 2 boys are around, she watches from a distance; she wants to join in, but they hog up all the fun! :tounge2: Scooter and Gizmo have really bonded with each other! It is almost as if Gizmo is acting like he is the momma (sp?) to Scooter..... he bathes him; so cute!

Like you, I really have no friends, either. I only see my husband. I rarely see my one friend because she lives an hour away. But, sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it doesn't. I don't mind hanging out with my hubby; he is my best friend

Do you have ICQ or any of the instant messengers? If you want sometime, we can chat! I like to "chat" with others!! It is fun.....
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A cats personality isn't fully formed until they are about a year old, give or take a month or two.

So, while you might have this most wonderfull 5 month old, it could turn out to be a real B**CH when it hits a year or so...

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A kitten has no personality - they are clingy and just learning to find themselves. When Clint and I want to keep a kitten for a household pet entry in a show - we generally pick them out at around five or six months old - at that point they have their overall nature - whether it be aloof, in your face. lazy, active, etc. The next six month will be the tell all though - because Ken is right - we have cats that loved to show at five and six months and at one year decided they would rather eat the judge. Sometimes we fall in love and keep a kitten in the hopes that they will grow up to be one of the social cats - when you have a large multi cat household like we do, you do not have the luxury of keeping adults because it is too hard for them to find their place - so we generally go for kittens between four and seven months old. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, like our little Myst who we have had since three weeks of age or little Annie who Sandie picked out before she could leave her mother. Sugar, who is Frannie's new kitten she has not yet gotten is a purring machine, dream kitten - I don't think that will change with age. But Ariel, Sandie's altered munchkin, was not a cuddly kitten and yet is a really cuddly cat - you just never know!
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Thanks for the input guys. And hi and welcome Tiptop/Phillip. It's a pleasure meeting you Hope to see you post here more!!

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Welcome, Philip!!
I love this thread!
My cats complement each other perfectly. Whatever Chloe is, Romeo isn't. And vice versa. Chloe is VERY aloof. But people mistake that for her not "needing" attention and love. But she does, she just won't tell you. She is not a lap cat, but more or less the companion. She follows me from room to room, always at my side(especially when it's my bathtime!)
Romeo is probably the dumbest cat I have ever seen! When he falls, he doesn't land on his feet. He's very clumsy, but he doesn't care. I wish all people could be like him- the world would be a better place. He is very "happy-go-lucky. And loveable!!! He is a compulsive "kneader". He has to knead on me, though. People tell me that I'm worse than a lactating mother. I know that is disusting but it's true. He cries and cries until he can knead on my neck. I love having a pet that favors me to anyone else!!
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Chloe! I absolutely LOVE! you're avatar!!!! It's precious!!

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Thank you! Is your avatar a Siamese? Wait what kind of cats do you have? Aren't they white with dark noses? I'm getting confused! Anyway, the avatar I was talking about was on Pg. 2 , 2nd row. It's the middle one! Let me know b/c I hate being confused!! :LOL:
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Told you I was blind Chloe! :LOL: I must have overlooked it.. but I did change it. This guy is sooooo cute. Yeah I have two traditional siamese and one classic (classic is kind of a mix between modern and traditional). I thought Jake was traditional.. then I found out about the classic. He's definitely classic. Thanks for pointing this avatar out to me.. its adorable! I'm such a spaz!

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Yeah, um... I'm an idiot! Yes.. they are white with dark noses.... I'm still learning about siamese.. these are the first siamese we've ever had and so I've been diving into books trying to learn all about them. I think they are called seal point... but I saw pictures of chocolate points too... and I saw pictures of the seal point.. and I didn't see much difference.. but I believe they are seal point. I'm confusing myself now!

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I know, it confuses me, too. I get Siamese mixed up with tonkinese (the kitens anyway). But I think your babies are precious and the way you described their personalities- just so cute!!
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I couldn't find an avatar to match my cats but the black one by my name at the bottom looks exactly like Chloe!
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Oooh I bet she's beautiful! When we first got our boys it was hard to tell Bastian and Drew apart.. we had to put collars on the boys using different colors to identify them. Now they each have their own distinctiveness (sp) about them and its really easy to tell em apart. Besides that Drew is getting soooo big and growing much faster than the other two!

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